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Minecraft mod: Cannon mod 1.7.3 Answered

Here is how to make your Minecrafting life much easier than it already is:

This mod was created by Berkin and with his help I made this trailer.  It's been well received by the community and reviewed by some big Minecraft channels to boot.

Instructions and download:  http://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.minecraftforum.net%2Ftopic%2F598851-173-cannon-mod-v17-smp-release%2F&session_token=AKuQGt9jVpiIlrLQ6vqJwEPQGzx8MTMxNTE5MjQ3NkAxMzE1MTA2MDc2


Nice Halo music! Anyway, what's your minecraft name?

I don't have a Minecraft account. I'm broke because I like dumping my money in card games so I can play competitively with my friends.

cool mod...try the X-ray.....with it you can find dimonds and other rare blocks easy!!!

Didnt know you had a part of this. Interesting how ibles and the forums are connected.

I saw this on the minecraft forums, and saw that berkin made it. And i remember hearing you mention berkin giving you knex. And then you posted this. I just find it interesting.

Ah yes. Berk happens to be my best friend. He's actually a real member on instructables too.

I sent him the knex because I no longer used it, and I wanted to see something worthwhile done with the parts. What's so interesting?

Just in my mind how the mod, you, dj, forums and ibles are connected. Prolly just to me though.

It definitely is, because it doesn't make sense to the rest of us.