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Minecraft Answered

How many of you Instructatarians play Minecraft?

For those of you who don't, Minecraft.net. Its a sandbox game where you can create and destroy blocks to build structures and dig tunnels in either a vast single player world or collaborate in one of many public and private Minecraft servers with players around the world. Kind of like Legos, but as a game.

For those of you who do, how many would like a private Instructables server? I've been thinking of setting one up.



2 years ago


Owner: jezzthedigger

Co-Owner: sillyjacinta

We are looking for new players to join our server it's just a small communtiy so far but it would be nice for more people and to expand in the near future some of the plugins we have are

- MCmmo

- Chop Tree

- Backpack

- Essentials

- Grief Prevention

- Mob Hunting

- Vault

and lots more we really are a great bunch of people feel free to come check us out cause i don't wan't to dribble on all day haha.


I want it to be my profile pic.
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Pease help!

Hai! I love minecraft. I'm on my iPad, and I can't change my profile pic. I need help.

im a fan,
its a good idea of thserver, whitelist it though, only add people who comment on this

Yeah, I play Minecraft. Its a fun game. I am looking for people to join our server (currently at 20 active users or something), so if any Iblers would like to come along give me a call!


note: i saw ther bacon thing on the side and gold boots are in my head.....
yes please on the server!


7 years ago

My internet was made in the stoneage and online play is SERIOUSLY laggy for me, so I stick to offline play ;D Tis an epic game though, although I build all my houses as caves. I built a shaft going straight to the centre of the earth, and then dug outwards to make a huge room. It's a sure-fire way to get TONNES of redstone, and Diamonds are more common at that depth too! Be careful of lava though...

Here's my house...started out as that wooden thing in the hill, then I added the tunnel underneath the hill which links both ends together and it is connected to my house. Finally I made the Pikachu tower (well, it looks like Pikachu in my opinion anyway :D)

Minecraft house.jpg

hey can i tell you something gold is a really soft metal so its not a good sword armor or any thing for that matter really you can only make blocks and golden apples if you want something good from gold!

Yeah I just had a tonne of gold when I took this photo lol
But you're wrong, there are a few more uses for gold!

1) Golden Pics, Axes and shovels now work the fastest out of any other material, except when mining obsidian (still only diamond works). Try it, a golden pic will mine cobblestone twice as fast as a diamond pic, the problem is it doesn't last very long. I'm not sure if the Golden sword kills things faster though, and I can't see any benefit to having a gold hoe.

2) Clocks! Like crafting a compass, but use gold ingots instead of iron, and you'll get a clock! Super useful for telling the time when you can't see the sun/moon (like you're in a house with no windows or in a cave.

3) Butter shoes (pictured). Actually these have no real use at all, except providing mild protection. They look cool though XD

well yeah but they break in like after 96 uses so not very good but diamond is still the best thing for tools and armor

True, if you use inv edit then if you set the damage to -3000 they apparently last as long as diamond. Not tried this though


-32657 or something like that is (effectively) infinite durability for anything.

Your comment doesn't even have a point. At all.

so we have here the lazy man's mining still i don't mind it and when you are busy with that you can also make a bugged armor out of gold infinite lives is with all sorts of armor do able but ty this makes me rethinking about making my iron tools infinitum =)


I just started playing around with it a couple months ago - I've yet to play online, but I really love the game. :)

Haven't made anything too spectacular yet - still searching for the perfect spawn point and texture pack!

painterly texture pack i use it always and you can set it up yourself a lot of things you can do and if you don't like it then chance what you don't like

My boyfriend and I used that one forever- I really liked it! Then we switched to a LoZ one. The other day I came home from work and he had changed it to the BorderCraft pack and it's amazing! The mobs are super creepy though, yuck.

Use the Gorudoku pack :) Best one in my opinion, google i.

I'm playing the alpha b/c I'm still too poor to pay the $13...

its only 1 payment and you get all updates and expansions for free.

yeah, I folded and bought it about 2 months ago...

don't forget access to the mod community that is huge around Minecraft you can say that the ideas of notch are puny when he made a squid people made dragons, ogre's and what not more still nice framework notch made already

I got it last weekend, and it's all I've done with my free time since! If I ever make anything cool, I'll post pictures. :-) Now I wish I knew how to create a server for multiplayer.

Wow, I've never heard of the game before but it looks great!!! Do you have to pay for it?

yes right now its roughly 20$ or 15 euros.

Yeah, I've already decided to buy it though... I've been playing the free Classic version since I made that comment, and I'm totally addicted to it!!!

i know the full version is much better though i would suggest doing peaceful until you can get your house made

Yeah, I read some stuff online about how hard surviving the first night could be so I will probably take that advice =) I'll have to take a print screen of some of the things I've built so far in the Classic. What all have you made?

nothing really every trap i try to make fails :(

and two crappie houses

also one mine

Yeah, that's too bad.

So far I've made an underwater house, a large staircase that leads to what I call the "skybridge" (i.e. glass bridge with no connections to the ground) Which runs into the side of a castle. A small community of houses buit on the sides of cliffs overlooking a wide river. A tree house. A cave in which every block was replaced by a gold block, a sort of office building. An underground shelter with a secret tunnel entrance that is nearly impossible to find (unless you know where it is of course).

Dud make the freaking server. Mine craft rules!

we have an alpha server pm me if ur interested.

iforgot to add im wizardguy420

dude i love the game but in classic i cant seem to find lava that you can use for fire,and how do you recover an over written file? i had this massive underground complex but i accedentally mixed up the profiles.

ps. START THE SERVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SMP Private Instructable-member only server? Who could say no? If you do make one, I wouldn't mine voulunteering as an admin. My minecraft name in BobicusIX