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Mini Cotton Candy Machine Heat Source? Answered

I built the cotton candy machine (seen here: https://www.instructables.com/id/cotton-candy-machine/) and everything works as it should, except the sugar doesn't melt easily. I have to stop the motor and heat it up intermittently, instead of the intended use of being able to have it spin continuously. I have a feeling that part of this reason is because my lighter can't get hot enough, and that the machine is on a dremel. It only goes 6,500 rpm but I have a feeling this is too fast for the sugar to heat up. Any ideas? I took apart an old soldering iron and have the heat source, but I don't know how to mount it. Or does anybody know where I might find something to attach the CCM to a regular motor? Thanks!


Hi northconnor,  table sugar (sucrose) melts at 186 °C (367 °F), which is pretty hot.  It decomposes to form caramel, but the spinning head of the CCM lets it escape before that.  The head probably needs to spin pretty fast to shoot the viscous melted sugar out, but, of course, the spinning will cool it.  From your setup, I'd say that some cooling is a good thing, otherwise the motor will overheat.

     The powdered sugar goes to the outside edge of the chamber--try heating nearer the edge.  Or heat the head with a hot air gun.
     As you say, lowering the speed of rotation will help the sugar melt.  Look up "motor speed controller" here on Instructables for some ideas.
     To attach the CCM to a different motor, I guess you'd need a different shaft.  I can't help you there--sorry.

you could try a static or slower chamber within the spinning one that has holes in to then the melted sugar our but keep the granulated sugar in, the melted sugar would then drip in to the spinning wheel and be spun out through the holes to form your floss

Put a speed control on you dremel.

Are you using a butane fireplace lighter like they are in the video?  Those are adjustable and have a larger flame.