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Mini DVD won't finalize Answered

I've got a DVD camcorder (Samsung SC-DC173U), and am trying to finalize the disc so I can edit the video on it. Problem is, whenever I do what the instructions tell me in order to finalize it, a problem occurs. The "disc Finalize" option is unavailable. The manual says that the cause of this is most likely because the camcorder is low on power, but it is fully charged. Any suggestions? Need I take pictures or do anything else to help?



10 years ago

i'm haveing the same problem, i'm also mad cause there are things i wana put on my comp from old mini disks but the comp cant do it for reason

. You may be able to finalize it using your computer's disc burner and a DVD burning program. . Long shot: the disc may be too full. IIRC (probably not), it takes about 10MB to finalize a disc.

-My computer doesn't even recognize that the disc is in the DVD drive. -I doubt it's too full. There's only 3 minutes used out of a maximum of 30 minutes of storage on the disc.

. I dunno. <shrug> Maybe you can find a utility that will read the disc directly and dump the data to your HDD. Try SourceForge.