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Mini Maker Faire Kerkrade: masynmachien reports Answered

Finally some time to do a short report on the Mini Maker Faire in Kerkrade last weekend:

It was realy great. Two days of fun at the Continium. Being a hands-on science museum, it is a great location for a Maker Faire.

The Maker Faire was very well organised. I'm sure it was not only because of the bad weather that we had so many visitors. The people showed real interest and were very inquisitive. 

Mgossye and me build 30 hovercrafts with visting kids and adults. We where actually a bit overwhelmed by the succes.

It was great to see other makers and their work and catch up with other Ibles members (emilyvanleemput, janw, IamWe, ynze).

I must admit however that for me a high point was a "fan" coming up to me, saying: "Are you masynmachien? I love your blimp projects on Instructables!" :-)



5 years ago

Thanks for your report; indeed it was a great happening. The pendulum clock bike video you can see at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD6m-HGg8sA


5 years ago

It was great to meet you there!