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Mini Size of "No Coriander" Stamp Magnet Keychain (Picture just added) Answered

I found this D.I.Y mini stamp of "No Coriander" on web search in Chinese and it immediately caught my eye and I really want to make one for myself.
This is a REAL useful small craft, but sadly, the maker didn't shows how to make it.
Fellow friends, I know this is just a small easy craft for the experts, but I have no experience on this kind of D.I.Y.
I'm here to ask for help on this D.I.Y.
I would appreciate it if anyone could teach me on the steps and what materials to be prepared.

Thanks in advance.



7 months ago

I understand this is two pieces of wood being held together by small round NIB magnets http://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=D42... glued into corresponding holes, such that they attract each other..

All that is left to do is hole out an inkwell to clear the rubber stamp which is glued in place..

Then some sponge material is placed in the inkwell with a drop of red India ink..

Hope this helps you...

At first I don't understand how an ink pad places inside without the ink drops or dry out. Thank you for telling me a drop of ink will do the trick. Now I have to figure it out on what materials and how to do the lettering. Thanks.

There are small shops that make rubber stamps for anyone...

The cavity and insert is made smooth and tight while the flat perimeter can help seal the ink from evaporating..

The ink pad can be a felt over cotton cut out fit..

Thank you for your comment. I do not have 3D printer. But I found a lot of stamp maker projects on Instructables. I might try out one of the easier ones from these projects. Thanks.