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Mini Tesla Coil Answered

I would like to know how this http://4hv.org/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?36853.post can be made?
I tried to make it using the pdf that was attached but i failed. I have included pics of my failure http://4hv.org/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?99090

Can somebody please help me?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Okay...so what's not working?

Is your charger outputting correctly? Is the voltage multiplier working? Is the coil shorted/open?

Details are the gravy that make a question delicious.

I am going to power it with 2AA batteries.
How can i check if the voltage multiplier is working?

I would like to know how to connect 2 camera flashboard transformers in order to power the CW multiplier, thats my main problem.

Let me rephrase: What part of following the schematic set forth by the other person didn't work?

Well, i haven't build the coil itself yet, but i have completed the CW voltage multiplier.
Hooking it up with the flash circuit board didn't seem to work since the pdf with the instructions suggests that there should be a spark about 5mm produced from the camera-CW voltage multiplier circuit.

I think that my problem has something to do with the camera flash boards since there are many different models out there so the pdf with the instructions can't apply to every single model. On the other hand, i could simplify the whole "CW-camera" circuit by desoldering the crucial components of the flash board and putting them together with the CW voltage multiplier. The fact is that i do not know which components can be used, and on top of that i am certain that only a specific type of transformer can be used(5-pin).That might as well apply to the other components that have to be desolder from the camera board.

I hope that i helped you. I know that solving a problem like this, from the internet, is a "bit" difficult

Thanks in advance

The writeup says the FINAL COIL makes 5mm sparks. the multiplier won't make crap.

"Now hold the GND wire of the multiplier and
bring it close to the resistor's floating end. You should be able to pull a dim, ~5mm arc."

copied from the pdf

I want to make the one i posted above.
Thank you for taking the time to answer though : )