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Mini USB thumb drive - Know what i want, just not how to do it Answered

Hi, I had an idea of making a mini usb drive out of a regular flash drive...Originally i had the idea and thought i should google it first....found out that a few companys have already made it...BUT i say nevermind them! DIY 4 life people! Anyways..I figured that all i would have to do is take off the plug-in for the drive (unsoldering it of course) and then cut the board to my liking, and re-solder it back on. Would this work? Does anyone know if it will short out my computer, or have you tried it before but failed? I MUST KNOW!! Because I really dont want to buy it, and i think it would look cool inside my laptop. THANK YOU!


I have one of these. Its a great little drive, and very cheap (cheaper than the time spent resoldering, and the equipment you would need) it has a fast read write speed, and is perfectly good quality.

Ya, i guess thats what i had planned to make..but since its impossible from what i hear, i guess i'll just have to give up and buy the damn thing! haha Thanks for the comment

You need controllers for storage devices. The controllers are different for USB and other flash devices, even though the memory chips may be the same or similar. Short answer: theoretical, not practical. L

hmmm...i guess its not all that worth it then, good theory though

You'd need some fairly serious facilities to cut and reshape the board and circuits, I've trimmed chunks off the board where there aren't any traces to no ill effect and you can remove the plug and put it elsewhere by putting jumper wires between it, since it's only four contacts that are fairly big it's not so tricky. You could make it smaller with the laptop by recasing and moving the plug to the middle making a T shaped drive that would sit flat against the side, though it wouldn't change the overall size much. Also the really tiny drives the size of a thumbnail use totally different ICs to make them smaller, the standard main IC in a flash drive is bigger than that, have a look at the bar board and you'll see what I mean, also about the soldering, it's all possible but you'd need to be working at near microscopic levels to solder the traces correctly and reliably. Looking at the number of components to board it's possible you could build your own drive in a different configuration by taking all the components off and recreating the circuit on a different board layout but you'd still be talking about SMD soldering and board making...

Ok, so your saying that it IS possible....just not likely to work due to the memory of the drive being soldered on with alot of pins and so close togther, and that the connectors to the plug would be the easy part, but it would still stick out quite a bit? Thanks for the reply btw. :)