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Mini fuse box question? Answered

My headlights have stopped working - main beam is OK, sidelights are OK, normal dipped beam is out.

Since both sides went at once, I'm assuming its a fuse.

However, there are 24 fuses in the fuse box, none labelled with what they serve, and the Haynes manual simply gives them numbers.

I'm being lazy - to save me going through them one by one, does anybody know which fuse is the one I need to change?

(Rover Mini Mayfair, 1275cc, 1995)


Found this on another forum. Not sure if is the same for your Mini.

Here are the fuses anyway, engine compartment left to right:

1 30 amp N Passenger compartment fuse box - fuses A9, B1, B6, B9 & C4
2 30 amp N Ignition switch, auxiliary relay
3 30 amp N Lighting switch
4 30 amp N MEMS relay module / manifold heater relay (Japan)

and passenger compartment C, B, A left to right across the top and 1 to 9 down the side:

A1 10 amp UW RH headlamp main beam, driving lamp relay
A2 10 amp UR RH headlamp dipped beam
A3 10 amp RW RH side and tail lamps
A4 10 amp W Alarm ECU, instrument pack, voltage gauge, oil temperature gauge
A5 - - Not used
A6 10 amp G A/C relay, switch pack, thermostat, seat belt warning lamp, catalyst overheat ECU (Japan only)
A7 15 amp LGW A/C blower motor (Japan only)
A8 15 amp LGO Blower motor
A9 20 amp U A/C relay (Japan only)
B1 15 amp P Driving lamp relay
B2 10 amp UO Rear fog guard
B3 10 amp R Headlamp levelling
B4 10 amp LGW Radio cassette, cooling fan relay (Japan), automatic gearbox selector indicator lamp
B5 10 amp G Airbag control unit
B6 20 amp P Alarm system and horn
B7 15 amp R Sunroof
B8 15 amp LGO Wipers and washer
B9 15 amp P Cooling fan
C1 10 amp UW LH headlamp main beam
C2 10 amp UR LH headlamp dipped beam
C3 10 amp RB LH side and tail lamps
C4 10 amp PO Radio cassette, clock, brake system warning light, direction indicator /
hazard warning light, anti theft alarm indicator light, interior lamp unit
C5 - - Not used
C6 15 amp G Direction indicator relay, brake and reversing lamps
C7 10 amp NS Inertia fuel shutoff switch
C8 10 amp WR-WK MEMS relay module (starter switch)
C9 15 amp G Heated rear window

Interesting! When Kiteman sees this, it may change his conclusion. Since each dipped beam has a separate fuse (A2 and C2), the fact that both of his are out simultaneously suggests a problem at the switch, or at least upstream of the junction between the switch and the two headlamps.


I found a single blown 15A fuse.

The dashboard switch seems fine, contacts all clean.

I now need to find the dim-dip relay and its associated inline fuse.

(Those forums you found are helping, but they're not as active as 'ibles. The wiring diagrams aren't a lot of help, since they bear no semblance to the geography of the car.)

Ah, the difference between a schematic and a built circuit. At least the diagram tells to the colors of the wires :-)

...which are all hidden inside "looms"...

Hmm, that's 27 fuses.

The manual says there are 24...

I think I will be spending Saturday visually inspecting fuses and crimping wires...

It's 27 fuse slots. But that list shows that A5 and C5 are not used (and so should be empty), and also that A7, and A9 are Japanese market only, so you ought to have 23 operational fuses.

That's British for "low beam." Similarly, "main beam" is British for "high beam," and "direction indicator" for "turn signal."

Kinda thought that would be low beam. Love their use of terms.

Hmmmm...comment was caught in the filters. I PM'ed it to Kiteman. I wonder if replying to myself will pull it out of Randy's clutches?

Stoopid check -- make sure you're looking in the right fuse box. Often there is one box inside the car for accessories (instrument lights, radio, horn, etc.) with smaller fuses (5A-30A) and another box under the hood for the higher-amperage electricals, such as headlights, that are in the 50A to 100A range.

Did that - Haynes agrees with me that it's the 24-fuse box, it's just not letting on which of the 24...

Don't be too lazy. I've had both bulbs lose the same beam at the same time and assumed it was the fuse. It wasn't. Just coincidence. Normal everyday H4 inserts. Once both high (main) beams, once both low (dipped) beams, and numerous individual blown filaments. Solved the problem by cutting off the connecting sockets from the wiring, and crimping individual lugs on each wire for direct connection to the bulbs. Haven't had a blown headlight for years.