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Mini lcd's Answered

I'm trying to find a mini lcd to use to display information. Sorta like the G15 has but in color. I was looking for lcds on ebay but could only find mini tv's that were expensive or computer monitors that go down to 13 inch. Does anybody know were I can pickup a small lcd around 4-5 inches maybe.



Camera lcd I got some from oldish cameras I'm making a led projector from one but I want to make a little movieplayer or something using a memory stick

If you wanted you could get the screen out of an i pod.  

i have a juicebox (about $40) u can get the mp3 pack (about $20) make a kool cover and tada i wanna put mine on my roboquad

Those look great! I just wonder how you would interface them.

A (relatively powerful) microcontroller. Probably not the easiest thing in the workld but there is example code out there, try the sparkfun forums.


10 years ago

I also just thought about using lcds from phones or ipods. I see they are cheap. I wonder if there is a way to convert them

You may need to find a wiring diagram (schematic).

Thanks., I forgot to check geeks!

That is a great resource, isn't it ? :-)