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Minimum and maximum value Answered

i am doing a project to control temperature of heater with 10K thermocouple in a range of 25C to 40C

with 2 buttons , one for temperature up and other for temperature down, also with LCD display.

But i want to limit my control values of temperature from 25 C to 40 C with push-buttons or switches. please guide me i have uploaded project pictures and code. what changes should i made in the code?

for minimum and maximum values


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4 months ago

Nice clean schematic.

You will probably need more then a simple proportional control.

PID = Proportional, Integral, Differential control of a heater with Unknown Mass Lag.

How do you expect the heater to approach your desired set point.

A) Slowly with no overshoot..

B) Fast with diminished oscillation..

C) Self adjusting for optimum response.


BTW we see no code to speak of..

dear sir i want to rise heating (A) slowly with no overshoot.

can you guide me please