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Minting My Own Geocoin Answered

I've been Geocaching for a while now and I wish to make my own Geocoin. I looked around all the "official" sites, only to have my head explode at the prices.
$1,507.38! That's more than my high speed camera!
Three for $27 with the fine print stating that you will more than likely end up paying $360-$540!
Is it too much to ask for one or two custom coins at a cost in the lower double digits?! Why would I want to pay so much for something that will travel around in caches subject to anyone's whim?

My question is, how can I make my own custom coin? The tracking code will be provided by one of the Travel Bug Dog Tags I own (at least those are cheap). Any help or advice will be useful, just let it be known that I am absolutely terrible at molding.

The desired end result should look something like these rough sketches, front and back (followed by an example coin that I picked up and moved. No tracking numbers, no cheating!).


old post but, simply don't. geocoins just get stolen. there is no reason to make a geocoin to travel. simply use travel bugs. geocoins only purpose now is to be traded and collected for having a collection like anything else people enjoy collecting.

sueman2 is correct! I have had numerous geocoins stolen in the past. I now buy them to collect. what started out in fun was ruined by some rotten apples!


9 years ago

try making a mold out of metal and melting lead pellets into it and maby coat it in plastic or somthin i might make an ible on how to make a coin that way probly not too soon tho cuz my dads friend is borowing my blowtorch

Isn't lead harmful? Some believe that it was a contributing factor of Rome's decline. I'm worried that the plastic will wear off as the coin travels.

Is there a way to melt down these CO2 canisters?


no they're steel.
you can beat them into nice knife blades.
or saw rings and use a ring sizer to make them the right size.
Buff off the crossman logo, or your fiance(s) will break it off :)

or you could make it out of gold or silver im just thinking of easy metals to melt I assume the co2 cannister is aluminum you can melt aluminum sort of easily but if you can't use lead or silver or gold try aluminum or lead free solder that would be a good alternative the thing is that lead free solder is a little more expensive but it will work if you have any more questions about anything I just said please reply here is a good ible on how to melt aluminum https://www.instructables.com/id/Pizza-Sauce-Can-Furnace/

Yes, lead like any of the heavier metals are quite poisonous. Lead causes irreversible neurological damage (especially in children) as well as renal disease, cardiovascular effects, and reproductive toxicity.


7 years ago

Make your design in a free program like Google sketch-up, then see about getting it laser-engraved by Ponoko - that may be much cheaper.

Hi Guys,

I know this is an old post but just wondered if anyone is still looking for custom geocoins?
If so would lasered plastics be of interest?
They are hard wearing, slightly flexable so don't break or mark easy.

Or would lasered wood be preferable?

I am just trying to get some feedback on a bit of market research.

I am looking into making geocoins to order, will also be making other geocaching trinkets to order.

There would be no minimum or maximum order (anything from 1 to well what ever you would want), I would be happy to assses customers own designs for engraving.

This is a new line we are only looking into, as I said I'm after market research at the moment. But any feedback, comments, etc would be greatfully recieved.


9 years ago

I know that it's they aren't metal, but geocoins,net makes wooden ones, and has some info on doing it yourself on this forum http://geocoins.net/gcforums/forumdisplay.php?f=73

You can probably find or make wooden disks that you could burn / paint / etc with your logo, or even print a sticker, and cover it with some sealer. If you want metal you may be able to find some aluminum blanks that could be stamped with an engraved steel stamp, and a hammer.

Just some ideas. I'm interested in the idea myself, so I'll post if I find anything.

I'd suggest if you plan on casting your own, that you cast it from Bismuth, it's relatively inexpensive, available from Ebay or sporting goods stores, melts around 500 deg F and is considered non toxic.

other then being an engraved piece of metal, is there anything else special about these coins? No, inserted electronics or anything?

If not, there are a number of ibles here that show how to make molds, make forges, etc. small and big, and how to make things from those pieces of equipment.

A coin, although it would not look super good, could still be fashioned.

Most of the coins contain a unique tracking number that you have to pay extra for, but I plan to swipe the number from a cheaper Travel Bug that I bought.

Thanks, I tried searching everything from "coin minting" to just plan "coin," but didn't find any related instructables. I guess did forget to just search "molding," though. : )

Here's the map of the coin that I mentioned in the topic and a Travel Bug Dog Tag.

Picture 34.pngtravelbugs.jpg

Yeah, sorry...I didn't mean to mislead you there....the ibles I spoke of were like making a small forge and making and using molds.

An idea....have you tried pewter pouring? That is durable but melts at lower tempts then some metals.


9 years ago

You could make some out of PCB material, using the same sorts of methods used to make PCBs. (In fact, if you can draw your desired coin with some sort of vector-based drawing program, I'd be willing to try to make some for you (CNC PCB machine) for free...) (EAGLE would be ideal (Not exactly a friendly drawing tool for PICTURES), but I think I can import HPGL plotter files, so anything that will output those would work...)

Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately, I don't think I have a vector-based drawing program. : (

Bump? (Nobody looks in the "outdoors" category, I take it.)


*Searches for the right emoticon.*

Close enough. : )

maybe get a blank lead coil, engrave it then plate it?

Find a site that makes military challenge coins. You have to buy a minimum of 200 but if your just doing regular design and no color you could get it done for a couple hundred bucks.