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Miracle Gel Saves Egg From Fall, Amazes Japanese TV Hosts Answered

The egg drops 22 meters and doesn't break. It manages to stop within a few millimeters, too.



and the new version in production would be the master beta gel? i hear that one is concentrating on friction reduction

Do did notice that while the shell did survive the g-forces involved, the membrane enclosing the yoke did not.

Well there go my hopes for lining my car with the stuff.

may we could use it as personal body protection? :-) Body shrink wrap as it were...

Oh wait, that would mean our outer shell would survive, and our organs would go mush....

That kind of proves that this wasn't faked. Since the yolk still wacked the bottom of the egg.

Is there a second part to this?Maybe the host taking a 22m drop as well? :-) I wonder if thicker layer of that gel could work..

Wow, that stuff looks pretty neat!