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Miss Piggy head. How can I make a full head? Answered

Hi people,
i need to make a miss piggy head, not a mask a whole head.Has any one got any ideas? I only have 2 days to make it. It is for a dance concert. Thank you all....Amelia


I would normally suggest modeling it in a 3d program and then use pepakura to unfold it and then reinforce it
but due to time restraints, i think the only way would be something like paper mache

Even papier mache is going to be a push at two days.

  • Two or three layers of duct tape over a large balloon (like papier mache, but no drying required).
  • Tape or hot-glue on details (nose, eyes, ears)
  • Spray-paint whole thing pink, then brush-paint the non-pink bits (whites of the eyes etc)
  • Cover in pink felt or plush fabric.

If this is to be worn, which I'm assuming it is, would duct tape be the best way to do it?  Would it leave sticky parts from the tape inside that could cause one's head to be duct taped to the head, or would the balloon remain stretched and attached throughout the inside of the balloon?

Hmmm.  I doubt the balloon would survive...

Maybe shake a load of talc inside to stick to & cover the sticky layer?

I'm thinking duct tape might not have the structural integrity we're looking for anyway (without a gazilion layers, that is). I'd go with a balloon or largish bouncy-ball painted with a layer of PVA glue, covered with pink tissue paper. Let the first layer dry (which shouldn't take long), paint with PVA glue, layer with tissue paper, let dry, repeat several times. Make dimensional details like nose, cheeks & ears the same way as separate pieces. Attach all the bits together with hot glue, cover with a final layer or two of PVA & tissue, paint and add a blond wig.

thanks everyone, I ended up using a cane lampshade, quilt wadding, foam and glued material over it all.   You all had some great ideas.....Amelia

Buy a block of foam, and hack at that. Scissors can give a reasonable shape, but it would be a few hours work. You can then think about painting / covering with something.