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Missing Instructables :( Answered

It hasn't been a month since I've posted my last ible and I won't be able to post ibles on a regular basis for the next few months, but I already miss instructables :( . I'm trying to concentrate on my studies for a while but I can't. I really wanted to participate in the Zombie contest (I'm a huge fan of 'walking dead!), but it takes time to collect the materials, make something, document it to post an ible, I hope there will be more Zombie contests in the future. Anyways, just wanted to say, I'm sure I'm not the only one and I would really appreciate any suggestion and consolation so that I can stop feeling sad about missing instructables and concentrate on my studies for some time. Can't wait till my exams are over!


Cheers to antoniraj :) I too tell the same as antoniraj, studies come first.Give first preference to your education,which is very very important.I know you can not study all day,so inbetween when you take a break you can go through your second home.

This is what I am doing right now.My new job since mid Jan, I am working 10 hours a day.I leave 8.30 am and get home 19.30 just like a dead duck so tired as ever.( only till end of May).I am also addictive to instructable and miss so much.But can't help it as I make up my mind saying oh! "instructable" you are always there ,so let me work with you after May.

Any way on weekends with the tight schedule with cooking cleaning ironing and letter writting ,some how I try my best to do a project.last summer mid june to mid sep I was touring south Asia and never even had much time to browse ible.I was feeling soooooo sad and finally got over it no sooner I retuned back after the holidays.So this is only for a short period......Cheer up my dear buddy...

All the best on your studies and miss you loads in Ible.

Thanks Ayesha! It took me a while to calm down, I get upset real quick :(

I'll be taking breaks but the thing is, once I start making I can't stop, it takes me a while to slow down and then stop :p

Anyways, thanks for sharing your experience and for your kind words :)

I had been through this phase and this is what I did. I loved to ride bicycle (you can read instructables here) a lot during my school days usually in evenings, which proved to be a great distraction for me during my studies for exam because I was not able to do so. I was not among the toppers in my school yet I use to study a lot.

Every day I reach a point where I did not feel like studying any longer, since I get tired, bored etc. The problem was this stage usually reaches at night. My mom use to ask me to watch some TV to refresh my mind so that I can resume my studies after an hour or so. But that is not something I liked to do, I wanted to ride my bike.

My mom suggested me a routine that I should take a break from my studies around 5pm, where I ride my bicycle till 6 or may be 7, then I can have an early dinner, study till I feel sleepy and go to bed so that I can get up early morning to resume studies, I had learned from my mom that sleep is the most important thing after long persistent hours of study.

The point is you should get rid of thing that distract you most by just doing it, believe me the performance gets doubled after that.

Hope this helps.

Wow, thats some really good advice! I'm serious! Thanks for sharing it :-)

Thanks Tarun for sharing your bicycle experience! it was really helpful and nice to know.
I think your mother did a great job, suggesting a routine for study, it's very helpful. I need to make one very soon. The problem is, I get freaked out so easily (in case of studying) and everything seems like a mess. But I'm working on it, the class-exam-fieldwork routine is soo busy, as a result I get so little time for a break. it took me a while to control my instructables mania, but I'm quite okay now, how couldn't I be! You guys are soooo amazing and helpful. I can't thank enough :) No wonder why I call instructables my second home :D

"I'm a huge fan of 'walking dead!"

I'm glad that I am not the only one on this site! :-)


5 years ago

Hey...zombi theme will be there every year! I know instructables is addictive ... I'm typing on my phone while on the go....it's being hectic!
However studies is importent... Do not disappoint your parents... And make them regret you discovering instructables :-/.
But too much studying will just make you unproductive at times...
So when you take a break... Get artistic... Document it... And when you have time make a draft... There will always be contests!
But exams ... Is another story :-)... Once you write a paper...there is no use saying later... I should have
All the best!

Thanks shazni! I loved the prizes for the Zombie contest, but I'm not feeling so bad now.
Thank you for taking your time to read this forum and I will keep your suggestions in mind :)

Let me tell you about my experiences. In my first year of University I had a severe pneumonia and had to spend a long time in the hospital. So afterwards I had to work really hard to keep up. Even though I basically studied around the clock I did not make it in the end. I think the main problem was, that I didn't take any breaks, neglected everything that was fun and felt really drained at the end. After failing and honestly feeling like a failure (before I had always succeeded at everything I had set my mind to) I rediscovered making stuff and published my first project on instructables. Seeing all the positive feedback and allowing myself to do what I love again helped me to start over (at an other University). No matter how hard the exams were, I allowed myself to take breaks and decided to try to finish about a project a month. My new approach was really successful and I am now in my last year, too.

I am currently attending an internship (in a different part of Germany). After being here for about a month and not really being able to make anything, I noticed an anxiety. So I went home, got the Nerf gun I was working on at the moment (it was a 12 hour trip) and finished the sentry gun here on my apartment floor without any power tools. Making stuff really helps me to clear my head and getting positive feedback just feels awesome.

Please don't neglect what you love for your studies, believe me it is not worth it. Allow your brain to take breaks! I tend to work and study a lot more effective, when I know, that I can make stuff at night.

I hope you can find a way and wish you all your best for your studies!

Thank you so much for sharing your University experience. I'm feeling a lot better now. I'll be taking breaks for sure.
As it is my final semester I want to work hard and the class-exam-other schedules are tooo busy! Whenever I get a little time, I visit instructables, (It's such a happy and fun place!). Thanks again :)

Whatever your choices are, I wish you the best in all you do! :)

I believe that what Tarun said is a great advice.
Spending your whole time studying will end up stressing you and you need to take some of that time so release that stress doing what you love doing!
Personally, I tend to do everything better and faster whenever I look forward to something that I love doing...you can look at it as a little prize you give yourself everyday for the effort you put in your studies :)
Remember that what really matters is the quality and not the quantity. The better you feel, the more you accomplish!

And by the way, we miss you too here!! :)

your first priority should be your studies and you should concentrate on your exams first. Instructables in not going anywhere. Once your exams are over you may find time to post many more instructables and take part in contests. Be happy...

I always tell everyone that you need an education to fall back on...wait, Anthropology? never mind.

Seriously, there are plenty of more contests down the road and the zombie theme fits in with the big Halloween contests later on. Part of the creative thinking is to adapt the zombie theme to every contest like making a square peg fit in a round hole. Good luck on your exams.