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Missing part of prize Answered

I won third place in the dyeing for color contest a few weeks ago. I filled out all of the paperwork instructables sent me and received 'most' of the prize. However when the box came, it was missing the 12 white cotton bandanas. I have messaged the contest manager, and
service@instructables, but neither has returned my messages. What do I do to get the missing part of my prize?


I've emailed service about my Shelving Contest prize, Which was back in November.

The reply I got was:

"We are currently waiting to receive your prize from the prize providers" Maybe that's your case too

I never received my ($450 value ) prize for first place in the concrete contest last November 2015 for the pool instructable .

I sent in my delivery address, etc, but here it is Februrary and no concrete polisher. If there is a way to contact the correct instructable person, I have been unable to find it. Would appreciate any help in finding out who to contact

A copy of my acceptance and delivery address is attached

instructable prize.tiff

Why did you post that picture in the comments? It has your phone and email address!

Not smart...

yes as well as with me, we had to wait until 12 weeks then we can send emails that have not received a prize, and I think it was just too long.

I wrote emails to service@instructable.com , the manager of the specific contest (if you still have the emails stating you were a finalist and winner), and I posted in the forum. It took a while to finally get a hold of someone, but once I did, it actually only took a couple of days to get my missing prize. (I'm not sure what a concrete polisher is, or how it would be shipped, but all of my stuff got sent Fedex)

Same for me, only the Gildan T-shirt as well as the bandanas are missing from the box that arrived on Monday. I'm going to email service@instructables.com and see if that does the job. The "commercial invoice" in with the parcel lists all the items, including the missing ones, and has been signed by someone, so clearly there's a problem with this part of the prize delivery process. (I don't want to sound ungrateful, it's wonderful to win a prize, just rather disappointing when it doesn't all arrive.)

Thank you so much for your patience! We have received your email and are working on getting everything sorted out. You should receive an email back by the end of the day.

Troy aka tomatoskins

-your friendly neighborhood instructables staff

Thank you for dealing with this so quickly, Troy. I've had an email from FedEx to say a parcel is on it's way.

I have now been waiting over 2 weeks for a response to my multiple emails (to multiple email recipients: danger is my middle name, service, and instructables robot) I have not received any response to any of the emails.

Someone should get to your email today. I'll push myself and see if I can find anything out.

When did you send your messages? Real live people have to respond to those messages and they work normal 9-5-ish hours in San Francisco. If you sent your messages late on Friday or over the weekend, you will most likely receive a response on Monday.