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Mission Motors Releases their Mission One Electric Motorcycle Answered

Our officemates here at Instructables HQ, Mission Motors, just released their all electric motorcycle. Check out the press about it here at Treehugger and here at Greentech Media. The bike will have a top speed of 150 MPH, will go 150 miles on a charge, and the first 50 are expect in early 2010.

They've been working like maniacs around the office and lab, and it's awesome to see their hard work start to pay off.

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i'm not sure that anyone would buy them if the economy is still bad...

According to Greentech Media, five people were willing to pay the $70k. Hopefully it is a step in the right direction for electric vehicles. Next step is to find ways to reduce the cost, so that it is more affordable to a wider range of buyers.

Well, getting production lines to produce it is a big step towards lowering the price.

They could lower the price with less expensive components as well.  That thing is kitted out like a top shelf Ducati.  They could easily lower the price by removing the names Marchesini, Ohlins, and Brembo from the parts list and replacing them with more cost conscious componentry.  Think more Suzuki less Ducati.

Very true. But hopefully quantity wouldn't interfere with quality. Henry Ford and the assembly line is a prime example.

And BMW would be a counter example :-)

If they wern't too expensive the fuel savings wood off set the outlay of purchase price.

It would take a long time to offset the (initial) $70k pricetag. If they could get it down to $10k or so, I think a lot of people would jump on it.

So why the huge "gas" tank? I hope that's storage for a helmet and gear. I really like the headlight(s). Why the huge drag inducing "radiator" area? Are sport bikers really the target market for electric motorcycles? I don't think so. Why not a more comfortable rider friendly setup? It doesn't even look like it has enough of a recess for my knees to fit into.

Sorry to say it, but it seems like another Tesla roadster to me. I think these things need to be simple and cheap so more people would buy them. Prove me wrong

considering most of the CEO's for Mission are former Tesla execs that got the boot from Elon not too long ago, sadly you may be closet to correct than you know.

Agreed 100%.

Also as an avid motorbike enthusiast I love seeing new technology implemented. i realize that it's 'new' technology to have an electric motorcycle, and aside from price, but does it have to look like a pregnant hunchback? Why do all new designs have to look completely ridiculous? You can't make an electric motorbike that doesn't hide everything under ferrings?
It's electric, everyone will know it just by looking at it, be proud of it, show it off!

Its pathetic how tinkerers and DIYers like us can come up with better ideas than big industry. Maybe its a good thing so many companies go out of business. There are quite a few electric motorcycles on here already. I'm planning on making one once I get some money to play around with.

Tinkerers and DIY'ers are willing to accept systems which are not turn-key. They are also usually willing to take substantial risks with respect to their own safety. Tinkerers and DIY'ers generally do not take into account the substatial time and materials costs to implement their better ideas. They generally do not think about how to translate their single-item fabriacation effort into a high-volume, reproducible and reliable factory assembly system. There is a tremendous difference between you investing weeks of effort to put together an electric bike that you yourself feel safe riding, and which you are willing to stop and repair or tweak frequently to keep operational; and a company trying to manufacture something in quantities of thousands that can be purchased by non-mechanics to use (and abuse) the way existing IC engine vehicles are used.

That's true. I'm pretty sure I could crank out a lot of electric bikes for $2000-$6000. But initially, they'd suffer Lucas-like quality concerns, not to mention I have no interest in that kind of liability!

I suspect that the farings aren't there to "hide" the tech. They're there to maximize right to the limit the aerodynamics. Otherwise the drag (especially the drag from a bunch of boxy components) would be sufficient to reduce either the top speed or the range. Gasoline has such an incredibly high energy density compared to anything else, and the Otto (four-stroke) cycle is so efficient, that regular street vehicles haven't had to worry about drag losses until very recently. Just compare, for example, the boxy look of a late '80s Toyota sedan with a 2009 Corolla or Camry. The slopes and curves aren't (just) for looks, they're there to squeeze out a couple of extra MPG.

I see where you're coming from. While aerodynamics is an important factor, what you are saying is that this motorcycle needs this shape to overcome drag from wind. Leading me to believe that it requires this shape just to compete with gasoline engines, which by your reasoning can overcome this drag by having a four-stroke combustible engine. No, this bike is designed (and looks) like it means business, if it can't overcome some simple aerodynamics at speeds under 100km/h, why would the average consumer buy it? And if it's not for mass consumption, what hope does the business have other than a niche market?

The argument for range is interesting, and one that I believe will be the holy grail for all electric car manufacturers. While achieving range is important (vital, really), it shouldn't be at the expense of design. If it is, maybe this isn't ready for production yet. There's no excuse to recycle the tired design profile formula that sport bikes are subject to recently.


9 years ago

Nice, I would buy one! Throw a sloar panel on the gas tank while its parked then good to go!

Wow! That's awesome! But...Mission Motors?? Did they change their name?

I really like this....

Good work!!
It's great to see this technology comming along so well. At the beginning of the last century the main opinion was that internal combustion was an outdated technology and that electric motors were the future. That was a sound opinion based on the theoretical maximum efficiency of both types of motors. Development of the electric motor was held back and hardly had more than experimental changes until the 90's. The EV-1, for instance, had basically the same motor as the Detroit electric some 80 years previously. The change in technology was more on batteries and motor speedcontroll. Imagine where it'll all be in another 60 years and where we could've been.

Controlling bike isn’t just about twisting the throttle and seeing what it goes like. It is also about setting a bike up for a corner before entering it at the right speed. Engine braking is a big part of controlling speed. I want to know about the regenerative braking aspect.

Quick over view for people: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regenerative_brake

In breaking mode the motor becomes a generator during braking and its output is supplied to an electrical load. It is the transfer of energy to the load which provides the braking effect.

Will regenerative braking “feel” like engine braking in an internal combustion engine? A rider might need to develop new riding techniques for riding an electric bike.


9 years ago

The spec on it is definitely top notch but it'll be a pretty exclusive item due to the price point. I'll be curious to see what it ends up weighing. I've always thought it would be interesting to re purpose older two stroke race bikes such as a Yamaha TZ250 and convert it to electric power for street use.


9 years ago

High performance electric motorbike? Cool. $70,000? Not cool.

I guess that while there are still a lot of people in the world who think electric vehicles have to be slow then stuff like this is good, but there are plenty of people who would buy a reasonably-priced sensible electric motorbike but are unlikely to sell a kidney for one of these.

I love the LED headlamp though- if I could buy an aftermarket one of those for my Yamaha I'd be there like a shot.

guess that while there are still a lot of people in the world who think electric vehicles have to be slow then stuff like this is good...

That deserves a couple videos. First, of course, is White Zombie, what else?

And the lesser-known one, the Killacycle:

Looks cool, I'd ride it. Can you imagine the acceleration on that sucker?