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Misspellings: An annoyance or serrious problem Answered

I am getting sick of seeing people ragging on about misspellings to the point where I feel it has gotten out of hand. I belive the new policy should be people who submit new instructables should try their best to spell everything right and if someone does come across a misspelling to simply let it go. Anyone agree?


Was it irony or a simple mistake that serious is misspelled as "serrious" in the title of this forum post?

Umm, I believe "misspelled" has three s's, if I'm not misstaken. But, serriously...I have a sip of wine everytime I see a missspelling on this site. (kidding again)

o.0 If I missed the joke...my apologies :P But when I type missspelled with the third "s" -- Firefox and tinySpell yell at me :P

Yeah, I just downloaded Firefox 2.0.1, and tried it myself. That is pretty cool. And, it even works on Windows 98 SE (or is that giving away too much information?). But, it doesn't separate the whiners from the winers yet. ;>)

Seriously, I can't tell. The misspellings in the poster almost have to have been intentional. Maybe it's like one of those "find all the things wrong with this picture" games. I see two misspellings in the picture. Anyone else?

Ba-dump dum... BA-zing. thanks folks, have a good night. Try the fish.

That picture was pretty funny. I remember seeing that image in freshman history years ago and I cracked up because it was such cheap propaganda. Just FYI (fo y'alls information!), Firefox 2.0 comes with a spellchecker - helpful for those people who suck at spelling or do not speak English as a first language.

I use Firefox almost exclusively. In fact, it just caught me misspelling "exclusively"
http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/ (and it's free!)
It's also a good idea from a security perspective. IE is an accident waiting to happen.

Yeah, we need to concentrate on more egregious errors like poorly photoshopped WWII posters. ;-) I'll admit I'm as guilty as ,well, not most, but some, when it comes to misspelt words. However the "ragging" seems to fall into too broad categories it's either the general annoyance group, which makes up the majority. or it's used as a path to attack the author in an attempt to undermine his credibility. It's this second category that is most damaging, and why would you purposefully give people who want to drag you down an opening? There is no character, howsoever good and fine, but it can be destroyed by ridicule, howsoever poor and witless. Mark Twain.

If people learned English, this wouldn't be a problem. Learn to spell, or get a spellchecker. Simple as that.

Ahhh.... I just came across what caused you to post this :P https://www.instructables.com/id/EU6KX2T12IEX5037JP/

I don't want this to be insulting... but it's probably a good read so you don't do something you'll regret in the future.... Read This Definition

Was it at all necessary to insult people from Canada, Great Britain etc.? Just take the high road ;) Besides, if you just fixed the mistake that was pointed out (without saying anything) the correction post would have seemed superfluous ;) Keep in mind that I'm not saying that the other members were right. Just flag 'em and move on ;)

I too am grateful for built in spell checking -- beforehand I was using tinyspell (an inline spell checker) :P

Part of the How to share your project on Instructables project (pretty much a guideline for a good instructable) happens to include checking your grammar and spelling.

It may not be important to you now - but one day you'll see the value. Blatant spelling and grammar errors are a reflection of you and the community. As part of that community (and many agree as per a past discussion), the last thing I want is my projects and the projects of respectable members to be viewed as garbage.

I posted this awhile back....
- Spelling and grammar. Instant messenger-speak has no place here. Honestly, making the choice to misspell words when documenting a project simply shows a lack of self respect. Take pride in your work and others will find it a worthy project. Take the time to spell the whole word, capitalize the first letter in a sentence, and spell check. If the title itself has an obvious spelling mistake (not to be confused with a typo), then there's obviously no solid intent. FireFox2 has built in spell checking. Or if you prefer, there is a wide variety of third party spell checkers (such as tinySpell). Non English speakers are an exception if you post in English. However, these rules apply when using any native language. As said, the occasional "typo" is a special case - while proof reading is highly recommended, we can accept that even the best spell checker can't catch everything.

This thread touched on what makes a good instructable and moreso what makes one - bad...

Furthermore, the updated guidelines are here in:How to make a great Instructable

I will continue to point out spelling mistakes... But not like some stupid kid. If you've seen me do it in the past, I usually just make a single worded post (if it's obvious).

By the way -- serious ;)

Ride with Hitler? Nah, he's dead. But if he were alive and I was accused of doing so... I could at least claim that I could spell Luftwaffe correctly and use it in a way that was grammatically correct ;)