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Mitre saw comparison Answered

I'm looking to either buy the Bosch GCM 12 GDL Professional or the Metabo KGS 315 Plus Crosscut mitre saw.
Ive done a bit of homework and both saws appear fairly decent, however the Metabo doesn't appear to have many objective reviews. Can you please recommend one over the other giving reasons for your choice?

Thank you very much in advance.


Hi, i`m Christopher from Sweden

I have a Bosch 12 SD, and it´s pretty desent, one i dont like with the bosch is that it´s not as stiff as i want it to be, i have tested both saws that you named, i´m a tool freak, What brands do you like, DeWalt, Bosch, Metabo, Makita, Festool, AEG, Milliwakie, Evolution "multimaterial"


Yhere is plenty of good saw´s , some brands with less compromices, some with more.

The saws you named here, is the absolutly top of the, is it the slider you dont like!?

Well the std blade that comes with the saw´s in this case is a minor matter you, there are better blades out there i can say, the blade that comes with the saw is allaround Wood cutting blad for crosscut, with a slightly negative tooth angle, made for medium fine Cuts, you can Always buy a better blad for less Money,

That is upp to you, to chooze, fine Cuts more teeth, and more negative blade, faster Cuts closer to a positive blade you comes, and then you can have a positve blade, less teeth, more shredding, and fast it goes joup, in sweden we have many small firms that does dam good blades and big bang for the buck!

This saw´s starts smooth and dont act´s agressive at any time if they do, it´s almost Always the user´s fault,

The Metabo + dust Collection, + blade change, + dont feel´s as plastic as Bosch,

+ it´s the stronger machine and has a variable blade speed, mutch better for multimaterial cutting,

The bosch: - dust collector is not the best,- could be a bit stronger + the adjustable hardeness to the arm´s joint´s , + very good markings on angle board the ovewrall feeling goes to the bosch in opinion, but in precision goes to the Metabo. This is two wery good machine´s, the lazer marking i think is blingbling stuff, a bit toysaurous!

The Metabo feels heavyer , then it is stable as rock and it is strong as ox!

But iam a bit of a Bosch type of guy, but that can change........

Are you looking online only? Have you actually gown out to a store and gotten your hands on either? You won't know which one is best for you till you can get your hands on it and get a feel for the build quality. Check each for how secure they are able to latch down at different angles. It will all come down to the latches used to adjust the angles, build quality, and HP of the motor. Assuming price and other features are similar.

Ive tried to get my hands on both saws (and others) but I live in Durban (South Africa) and the range available in shops is very limited (i.e. cheap amateur crap if even available).

Believe me I have looked at every review online that I can find and I am fairly certain the Bosch is a win. However there seems to be no objective review on the Metabo (similar price) and I wonder if it is a contender- given that the Bosch has kick back (no slow start), plastic parts and 'poor' dust extraction. I also wonder about the blades that come with the saws? The Bosch has the 2608642103 Top Precision Best for Wood circular saw blade - 305 x 30 x 2,3 mm, 72, Diameter: 305 x 30 mm Thickness, while I can't seem to find any write up on the Metabo...?

Being new to the scene, I'm just looking for bit of advice from people that may have actually used the machines...? I've attached the stat sheet for each saw and any constructive comments would be very much appreciated.

They all have plastic parts. No chop saw has slow start. You want to pull the trigger, let it gut up to speed and then make your cut in a smooth steady motion. All saws have some sort of kickback. Especially if the piece your cutting is too small for the saw or isn't held down securely. Any blades that come with the saw will be cheap bottom shelf blades. Don't believe the marketing hype on the included blades. If you want quality blades you'll have to buy those separately.

You're looking at decent mid range chop saws here. You can't go wrong with either one so pick one and move on.

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