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Mobile App does not support Google+ login? Answered

I downloaded the mobile app, but it only allows Facebook or Instructable accounts to be used.  When I registered on the web-site I used my Google account.  So, how would I go about being able to use the App and have it connected to my current account?



Same issue on Windows 10 Mobile App... there is the login that asks for Username & Password only. Not even facebook signin. I need G+ signin, since I sign in here with that.

Are you using the Andriod or iOS app? I just checked with iOS and it is there (see attached). Just click the red Google+ button to login with your Google account.


I have tried the Android app on three devices and had the same result. There is only a button for Facebook authentication and regular login. There is neither the Google+ nor Twitter login button. Please see screen shot attached.

To prevent some follow up questions:

1) Logging in first via the mobile Web site or regular Web site via Chrome does not log one into the Android app;

2) Logging in with one's Gmail address and password in the existing fields does not work;

3) Using the app without login means having none of my account features. I can't even go back to something I just read.

We have NO workaround for logging into the Android app. The app is nearly useless without login. We users are not failing to notice a step. The feature simply is not there.


I'm using the Android version, and it only has the Login and Facebook options. The others are still lacking. : (

What happens if you login first using the mobile webpage at https://m.instructables.com?

Just noticed the login is handled through a webpage and not the actual native app, so it should work for both iOS and Android providing something else isn't broken. It brings you back to the native app after logging in.