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Mobile Phones and Elevators Answered

Ahem. Theoretically, an elevator is a perfect faraday cage -- no radio waves should be able to get into them. Mobile phones shouldn't work in them. But rogers says that their phones do work in them. So here's my question for you, instructables community: do rogers phones work in elevators? If so, why?

The only theory that we could come up with was that each elevator has a little repeater in it, but that seems a bit costly.


i'm with verizon and my phone hasn't lost a signal in an elevator yet as kite said most elevators are indeed NOT solid metal boxes...first off most of the thing probably isn't metal (just a frame with skin that you might think is metal) second...even if it is all metal it's not exactly designed to be a Faraday cage...there are rubber bits between the places where things meet (like when the door closes) so you don't have full continuity of the surfaces or anything like that...there are PLENTY of holes and gaps in even the most modern of elevators

I have verizon too and when I was in an elevator and talking on my phone it still had a good signal.

I'm not sure how "perfect" they are - most have windows, and I'd be surprised if their walls were seamless metal, probably a metal frame with lighter materials between.

It's true that the elevators themselves might have gaps, but most are in a concrete shaft which is strengthened by a lattice of rebar, and it's the grid of rebar that creates the faraday cage. Underground parking-lots and concrete buildings provide bad cell coverage too.

Hmm, Most of the elevators I've been in are just a metal box, never been in a glass one...

I've been replying to a lot of your comments lately..

Shh, people will talk!

Who's Rogers?

next time I go in an elevator I'm going to check my signal