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Mobile Virtual Presence Device? Answered

Right, so in "The Big Bang Theory" there is an episode where Sheldon makes an rc stand with a monitor on, and it has live footage of his face on it.  There are ways to do this, but they all seem to point to using an rc car with a 10 metre range and 30 minutes battery.  The flaw with this, is that if you want to be at work using one, or at someone's house with it, then you're gonna need a lot more than 10 metres!  How can you make it so that you can control it anywhere, either using wifi or just connecting somehow?  (I'm sorry, I'm really bad at electronics, so excuse my poor understanding.)  As an example, you don't need wifi to text someone, so do you need it to control an rc vehicle?  Ideally, I'd like to make one at about £300-£400, and as like the one from the big bang theory as possible, so not just a tiny stand that people have to keep charging and you have to crane your neck to see.  I'd be happy to use a £60 tablet with skype for the video, but what I'm mainly concerned about is how to control the rc stand/vehicle from a distance away.
Thanks a lot!


This is simple

Youll need robot kit + tablet

Battery - try lipo 40Ah (it will cost near 50-90 usd)

for robokit+tablet youll et power for 10-20 hours


1. tablet will show your skype call

2. using App youll move robot (you can use web-page as app)

(i think abaut this project for builders. Robot+ talet+flying drone)

Or, would it be simpler to use this?


you forgot abaut

1. Skype call to rablet

2. Arduino-wifi need additional skill in router configuring and white ip


old smartphone vith teamviewer program + arduino +toy = small robot

or really interesting smartphone +teamviewer+quadrocopter =small flying robot with streaming

as mechanics - take some like this


to toy add arduino control.

I think abaut how to connect arduino to remote control.

youll need to program arduino as client server mode. arduino will connect to remote website, read from there control parameters.

+ you'll need to create remote web page


algorithm will be next

you connect to web page and change some button.

arduino connect to tha same web page and read state of button


+ second method

arduino robot+wifi + tablet

on tablet youll install program like teamviewer.

using this program youll manipulate arduino in any networks

+third method

arduino, tablet +old smartphone as remote controller

+foth metnod

Arduino+old smartphone

old smartphone will transmit video via skype like survelliance camera

moving to robot can be made by SMS or mail...

any fantasy

Wow, thanks! That seems like a great idea!

Thanks again for all your help.