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Moble phone blinky lights - wireless Answered

This really annoys me, how do you make one of those wireless power mobile stickers, no where on the internet do they say anything about it.

I been searching for at least a schematic for years...




I hacked something that vibrates when a cell phone rings. Mine goes off to a relay and lights up a large Christmas penguin. I don't think you could get it to be quite sticker-sized, but probably pretty close.



You can buy the cell phone ring detector from goldmine-elec.com. They actually have so many they are trying to unload that they give them away when you place a large order. I think they are now 10 for $4. Every time I place an order from them I buy 10 and am slowly amassing them for something or other...

Thanks for the comment, do take note that i am looking for a detector that doesn't require battery power. Like the ones you see stuck to the back of a nokia phone.

Lots of those small blinky cell charms do contain a battery and they go off when exposed to any RF signal, and the nokia charms I've seen are a battery pack for the phone and most old nokias where built with out a Vibrator and you had to buy a vibrating battery pack so there was a contact make just for that on the nokia... And there is IC's made for this purpose I just can't remeber who makes them right now, but if you put your phone next to your computer speakers and call it you'll hear lot of noise so a simple detector would not be hard to develop..... But to do it with out a battery will be next to impossiable because the RF power levels of a new phone are so small (( under 600 mW and in some cases it's only a few mWatts if your close to a cell tower )) you just won't have enough power to light up the LED's .... Hope this helps ...