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Mod a mini R/C? Answered

Hey all, I recently started looking into modding some of the stuff i have lying around and I came across an old mini r/c car that are only about an inch long. (see photos) Anyways i got down into it, but I really don't know what I'm doing, i was just wondering if anyone could come up with a mod for it. so far I've managed to hook the little r/c car to a plug so that it had a constant electric supply, which kinda defeats it's purpose, but was good to figure out anyways I thought. Thanks! (despite the fact I googled for the image and took one of the first 5, this actually is the exact model I have. surprisingly convenient, thanks google!)



6 years ago

if you put lights on it and maybe a small trailer to hold another battery pack to wire into the car to make it more powerful and you could even cut off part of the body to add bigger wheels


10 years ago

One good way to modify remote control devices is to rip out their electronic guts and hook them up to other parts, so that for example, you could turn on a light from across the room, or that when you come into your driveway, a sensor detects you and sends a signal via remote control to a device that controls a relay that automatically turns on the lights in your house (Of course, I can't do that be3cause I'm not old enough for a drivers license, and I definitely don't own a house). Easy way to do this is to replace motors with control circuits that only require a pulse of electricity to turn on and stay on (use and SCR for that part).