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Mod for mini DV camcorder to write to SD card. Answered

I have an old top of the range Panasonic mini DV(tapes) camcorder which cost me 2.5g 5 years ago. The tapes are expensive and it has been playing up with some brands of tapes. I dusted it off and was experimenting with it when I discovered it has an SDcard slot. I think this is only for 'still' shots and whe n I selected 'card' and tried to video it says change to tape to record. I wonder if there is any way of modding it to record video straight onto the SDcard. With the size and quality of SDcards improving I thought this would be better and more reliable than the tape mechanism. It seems such a waste to have it sitting around not being able to use it. I have already worked out a battery pack with 6 AAs to replace the dying lithium battery.


No, not really. You'd need hardware to transfer video to SD which would be more hassle and expense than it's worth.


Took the easy option, picked up a top of the range Sony camcorder (5 years old) for $100 including hi-capacity battery. At least I can view all my old tapes and store them on my pc for future interest!

Off the top of my head, it may be a difficult task, maybe that's why you have seen the evolution of different non-compatible machines from VHS to VHS-c to mini DV to DVD to memory cards. There has to be an onboard chip, usually proprietary that converts and compresses the video data that is appropriate for the recording format. Unfortunately, technology leaps by bounds and consumer electronics have gone the way of the disposable item. I have a fairly new miniDV camcorder but just last year did they introduce new high-def SD card camcorders that are lighter, smaller and have better battery life. You just have to wait until the price gets to what you are willing to pay.