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Mod my Treo 600 Answered

Would you like to turn a Treo 600 with a bad screen into a robot or....? I'm willing to give it away to someone who wants to experiment with it, if you'll pay for shipping (or you can pick it up in San Fran.) Susie


It would be interesting to use it for some home automation. (See cell phone door lock), that was pretty sweet, on hackaday.com . Is it just the screen that's busted? Oh, and does it take sim cards?

Yup, just the screen. I've seen documentation how to replace the screen but probably only worth it if you get it free, although I love the Treo. It takes sim cards. It was with t-mobile and might be unlocked. I don't remember.

Alright, let me know how much you want for shipping and if it's not bad I'll even give ya an extra $20 for your trouble. I haven't actually laid hands on a treo yet, so it would be interesting to play around with. It's a mobile pc of some sort right? If it runs windows CE or something like that, it would definitely be handy for hacking. One last question though, does it have a irda port? I know exactly what I can use it for if it does!