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Moded spider massacre v 2.0 with my new handle mods and sight stuff... Answered

Here are some pictures of the original spider massacre (v 2.0) and my moded spider massacre v 2.0

Top gun is the original

Bottom gun is the new

(Pic 1 Pic 2) EEK MY FOOT ITS IN THE PICTURE... WOW its so small its actually bigger just a little.. my foots small cause ... o crap need to keep with the box stuff.... cause... im box-asian there ya go. My foot is smal cause im box - asian... ;D! Ekk how did my ds get in there.... oops

I ran out of colored connectors and black rods... i didnt want to use a grey rod so i used a red... =)

Tell me what you think of my mods.. should i post them or should i leave it here?



10 years ago

Very innovative , post !!!


Reply 10 years ago

Its been posted


Reply 10 years ago

I recommend putting a link to these guns in the paragraph above .

post! post ! post ! post! please lol looks very sturdy and compacted together XD

UPDATE THERE HAS BEEN A DELAY... I SHOT MY CAMERA!!! Heres how it happened I was testing out one of my guns and I was like lets shoot my history book I cant possibly miss and hit my camera that is two feet away right next to it... Well guess what happened? You fill in the blank

Know the feeling mate! I burst this beach ball thing in my room lol, coz I was aiming for this box HAHAAH BOX!!! and err thankfully for you... I missed and popped the ball at about 11 at night and woke my Dad up.

wats even wors take a 55 volt fan(computer fan)
and put it in an outlet

it has big boom and sparks

but please i beg of you dont try this at home

learn from my mistakes


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I apparently missed cause the gun that i made and was firing had a little error in the barrel... it was bent because i built it on a bent grey rod and didnt notice so it faced a toward my camera and i looked through the side which was pointing at my history book and fired but actually the bullet hit my camera going right through it =(((

It is kiinda easy to make... You know what i think ill get it up by this weekend or next cause Im not gonna spend too much time in my instructable like: Going as far as to getting enough parts to make a second gun cause im running low ... Ill just make a replica of the barrel and the handle thats all... easy =)

w00t go asians, and does it fire better?

yes Im beginning the instructions right now...

Your asian too :D

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Expected date of when im gonna post is about....... aprox.... after a bunch of sat preps and a calc final and a spanish four final and a chem final... maybe and after schools ouuta here! umm about (MORE NUMBER CRUNCH'N) hmmz i'd say about either the 21-22 or (shoot i might be shipped to california to visit my grandbox) or 28-29 I might have to destroy some guns to make this gun again... So far i'd rate this a 9/10 in power factor 10/10 is like a crossbow (wickys or my super pistol im not going to post) distance... 4/10 this gun aint made for distance just the sheer power of this gun makes me not want to shoot it.... SO to sum up/// Arrival time: 21-22 or 28-29 Rating on power 9/10 Rating on distance 4/10 Durability 8/10 Accuracy 7/10 Feel of the gun 9/10 Overall this is one great pistol which will require tape only on the ram and the trigger cause the trigger might not beable to stay in shape (not like fat but like hold together) under the massive amounts of tension i put on it... NOTE the ram rod is a red rod so.... if your planning to use up a black rod forget it... I haven't broken this ram yet... even tough I over tensioned it with 8 #64 bands... So yeah theres your update...

Do you mean modded? Moded would make the O a long vowel sound.

Yes i do mean modded ty for the fix... =) finally i got 13 dollars i just need 27 more for a good one...

Personally I'd post it, looks cool, and lot sturdier. Not sure about the trigger guard / trigger though. . . I also have to say it is entirely up to you. You post it if you think it is worth posting - what FrozenFire99 said basically.

Alright =) I might but i've been busy with advanced algebra finals and other tests.. So.. when things start to cool down maybe arround May Ill post stuff

kk, what is the new trigger / trigger guard??

The trigger... well i modified it cause that white rod kept breaking off ever time due to over tension of the ram so now i have to use two hands to shoot.. the triangular shape is the trigger i just but that there and taped it for reinforcement if you were to need to have extra structure support for your gun and the top part has a black clip thingy that locks in the bullet... Basically I modifed the barrel a little or added on a part... as you can see the red rod on top with randomish for sight and the orange and black connector at the end which is connected to the yellow rod on the bottom...

The thing that looks like the trigger / handle guard is actually an extension of the trigger to make it easier to use and a little cooler.. =)

Cool. SO took something from alot of guns around then? :P - i.e. Bullet lock from KillerK's Pistol. But hey, thats what they're there for. Good job all the same. . . Any ideas when it'll be posted?

Nope... maybe arround May cause im busy with school projects but im pretty sure you can make the mods from the picture...

Me? Yes, easily - others I'm not so sure.... Looking forward to it though :) Do you have Team Fortress 2 or Steam?

That was pretty random yes i do and others have stolen my name =(....

Yeh, it was. :P Whats your name, I'll add you. Orangeboard me it, if you don't want others to see it. btw, are you living in england?

No i live in the us and you should know my name ;D... AHEM AHEM................................................................................... Mrbox.... cmon... jeez

lol, yeah I guessed. Main problem is I live in the U.K. soit may be difficult..... btw, you spelt 'mmoded' wrong....it's modded :P


10 years ago

I moded it even more! =) Pics coming soon and the instructable!~ I seriously cant find the original spider massacre gun (v2.0) i made in the picture i lost it somehow? i wasnt gonna blow up the original pistol to make the instructable... cause everything was made perfect... the rubberband placement and the ram aint gonna leave the barrel anytime soon....and getting that handle mod on was a pain ARRGH!!! It'll come soon... once i grab some more yellows or blow up something to get yellows or steal some yellows...


10 years ago

... Presses the delete button...

i got an m3 ds and a black ds lite and a normal ds

lol i also have a black ds - post it if you think it's worth posting