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Model airplane engines in the uk? Answered

I want to attach a propeller to a micro scooter, so I need an engine. I, however, know absolutely nothing about choosing engines  Can anyone reccomend a suitable engine? it must be under £50, easily available in the UK, capable of pushing a micro scooter with me on it at a reasonable speed (faster than normal scooting speed), small enough to fit on the scooter and easy to control (preferable just with a wire which can be pulled for more juice). Could you also reccomend a suitable propeller?

Incidentally, does anyone know if this thing will be road legal?




8 years ago

1. It most certainly isn't road legal

2. It won't work Props are immensely inefficient

3. WHY? if you MUST then connect the motor direct to the scooter - or at least viw suitable gearing.