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Model airplane problem Answered

I need help.  My neighbor is dive bombing people on horseback with his model airplane.  He is going to get someone killed.  I've tried to reason with him and have spoken to the police.  I'd like to see if there is a way to ground his plane when it comes on my property while I work on a nuisance/trespass case.  Yesterday he was flying it 6 acres in my property right over people's heads while they tried to ride.  I don't mind him flying it but doing flips etc on my land is unacceptable.  Please help!!!


If it's flying close enough.....a fly-fishing rod or some other stick/line configuration......a little practice and that line will foul the plane.
Some of us would use a little bird shot...

He's a 35 year old amateur flier which is what makes it even more frustrating! Thanks for the advice so far. There are no neighbors between us so no collateral damage if I took control of the plane. I'm definitely closer to it than he is. I'd say I'm 50-100 feet away and he's 600-1000 feet away. Someone told me the newer planes have controllers that communicate only with one plane. Is that true? If so would a universal RC controller work with new planes like that? Really wish I were a better shot lol:). Ill be taking any videos I can.

Do you know if the plane is gas powered or electric(silent buzzing motors) and how big the plane is? Good R/C transmitters can be an investment so you might want to get your own "combat" plane to duke it out. Send a drone over or develop your own anti-aircraft defense system from spud guns or clay target launchers.

Are we talking an adult neighbor or kids as the perpetrator?

First off... I would video tape what he's doing for evidence.

Second, if he's just an amateur (and likely is), he probably bought a simple RC airplane that uses either 27MHz of 49MHz (standard for off the shelf planes). If he flies with other RC enthusiasts, then he'd be using one of 50 possible channels between 72.10MHz to 72.990MHz designated for hobby RC airplanes (if he's outside of those channels, he's violating FCC rules).

So what I would do is buy an RC controller that allows you the ability to change the channels. Start with the first 2, and when he flies over your land, try and take over the controls. If you're closer to the plane than he is (and using the same frequency) your signal will overtake his and you can either land it and take possession of it, or you could "accidentally" crash it into a tree or run it over with an ATV or let a friendly BIG Dog have it. :-)


5 years ago

If you get a transmitter that is the same frequency as his then when the plane is closer to you then it is to him chances are you can either take control or it will become confused with the conflicting signals and crash (hopefully into irrepariable expensive pieces) :-)

Most RC transmitters run a a handfull of frequescies that you should be able to find on Google. It has been a couple of decades since I have played with RC but back in my day you could replace frequency modules to change the frequency of the controller. I am not sure if modern ones are more advanced and allow you to do that via setting on the controller.

So what you would want probably is a short range transmitter with a variable frequency dial that transmits in his range.. or a shotgun.. :-)

Oh i just found this: http://www.ehow.com/list_7612320_causes-interference-rc-planes.html

Spark Gap Generators
Spark gap generators are a primitive type of radio transmitter. Used in the early days when radio was being developed, they do not transmit on a particular frequency but broadcast on all frequencies at the same time. Whenever you have a spark jumping across a gap, you have a spark gap generator. All internal combustion engines--cars, trucks, real airplanes and many trains--are spark gap generators. They do not transmit any one frequency, but they can mask whatever frequency you are transmitting on. If a jumbo jet or military fighter flies over the area where you are flying your RC airplane, or even if a train goes by, your signal can be masked long enough to crash your RC model. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid spark gap transmission interference except to avoid flying your RC airplane near rail lines or airports.

Looks like a great Instructable project to build your own! - http://radiohax.wikispaces.com/Spark+gap+transmitter

A signal powerful enough to jam - him will cause collateral damage to innocent neighbours.

You *may* be able to find out exactly what frequency he is using, and get hold of an RC handset set to the same frequency. When the plane is closer to you than him, you may be able to take control, and set the plane down to land.