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Model rocket parachute?? Answered

Does anyone know how to make a durable twelve inch parachute for model rockets? One of mine is hopelessly  tangled up, and the other has a tear in it. I do not want to fix the others but make two new ones instead. Does anyone have any ideas?




7 years ago

Plastic carrier bag - No need to go to the cost of silk.

Rip stop nylon otherwise

It is more to do with the way you pack the chute and the relative weight of the rocket.


7 years ago

I always used the standard plastic sheets available from the companies which sell supplies and kits for this purpose. The trick is more in preparing them properly than anything else -- dust with talc so they don't stick, and fold/roll them appropriately so they will unroll and open smoothly.

Tangling is one reason why attaching the chute with a clip, rather than tying it direct to the nose cone, is often a good idea. Disentangling the lines is much simpler when you don't have to pass the whole chute, or the whole rocket, through the openings.

You may also want to consider experimenting with streamer recovery, at least for smaller models. Streamer does permit a somewhat harder landing, but it has the advantage that the rocket doesn't drift as far before landing -- particularly good for relatively small fields.