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Model sailboat for teaching? Answered

Hello, I work at a Boy Scout Camp over the summer, and one of the merit badges we teach is Small Boat Sailing.  Most of the merit badge goes smoothly, but kids seem to have a hard time with points of sail.  Our plan is to make a small model to put in a tub of water and use a handheld fan to demonstrate the effect the wind will have on the boat at different angles and sail positions.  Any tips on this?  I tried finding models that were accurate, but they were out of our price range.  I want the sail and mast to be able to rotate smoothly, and the mainsheet to be able to be locked and unlocked.


In similar thought to Burf, you might try to make a small wind surfing board, I know the sails are not the same but it might help with basic thoughts on how sails move.


6 years ago

Rather than trying to build a model boat, why not build a scaled down sail board?
Just attach your scale size sail to a skate board and use that as your demo.

For many years the RYA rules of sailing book came with 4 plastic boats and an arrow to shoe the wind direction. The boats have a small sail that can be turned.

A simple but effective table top explanation.