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Modem with one ethernet port, have two units to plug in? Answered

I have a Motorola SURFboard SB5101U cable modem. It has one Ethernet port and one USB ("square" type) port. I have an Apple Airport Express wireless plugged into the Ethernet port.  Here's the problem.  I want to use "MagicJack Plus" (VoiP) without plugging it into the computer (THE difference from the "regular" MagicJack, that it (the Plus) can be plugged directly into the modem, bypassing the computer, so the computer doesn't have to be left on 24/7 for your phone service).  My question is, can a simple Ethernet (pigtail) splitter be used to plug both the MagicJack Plus and the Apple Airport Express wireless into the modem?  I know this can be "Physically" but is the "signal" degraded in any way to the two units?



6 years ago

No, a splitter will not work correctly. What you need is a network switch. The job of a switch is to send the correct packets (information) to the correct device other wise you are broadcasting everything to all parties on the network and they slow down and get confused while trying to sort everything out. That's the simple version. A 4 or 5 port switch will cost you less than $20.00. If you want to get fancy you can get a router that has wireless and extra ports. Those are under $50 for fairly good ones.

Thank you "Vyger" I'm off to Radio Shack

I wouldn't get it from Radio Shack... they overcharge.

The wireless airport doesn't have an ethernet router in it? :(