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Moderation Rules in a Contest Answered

I submitted my instructable into the epilog contest BEFORE the closing time, however is hasnt been reviwed yet. If my instructable is reviewed AFTER the contest closes will my instructable still be entered as I dont want to miss out.


Here is my instructable


Your entry contains the publication date before the deadline so you are still good. I think the staff is usually out kitesurfing or something on weekends and holidays so you won't find them reviewing things until they get back in the office on a regular workday. Publishing something close to the weekend might take a day or two to even show up if it gets caught up in the filters for content needing review. Good luck.

I think the staff is usually out kitesurfing or something on weekends and holidays
You're forgetting afternoons on work days, too. ;)

No worries, we err on the side of inclusion for all of our contests. The "published by" date is the important part - we don't penalize anyone for our work hours.

There's a full month between those posts - you must have a major case of prune-fingers!

Precedent has been set: let no one criticize gravedigging nor posthumous bumping anymore.

(You do know what "prune-fingers" are, don't you?)

I have a question that is mostly related to this. I published an instructable but I did not have very much time to type it since my project kept breaking so I had to write most of it on the last day, last night. this means i had very little time and i had a lot more to say. (I still do) So what I'm wondering is if i can still change it and add one more step, even though most of the building of the project is covered without being disqualified and still having a chance at the contest.

If someone decided to admit it, it's in. But all the time it's incomplete you'll have less of a chance of receiving votes. Update first - ask questions later. L

so.. It was admitted in the contest... so I can edit it a bit, right?

Did you receive a PM "A note about the Epilog Challenge entries"? L

Your entry is fine as long as it was published before the deadline.

Its ok, i have a project awaiting to be checked that was published before the deadline. Instructables doesn't actually run over the weekends, so first thing monday morning im sure they will get it sorted.