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Modern Warfare 2 Answered

Yes, the game has just came out on November 10th, but do any of you people have any good classes? Like combinations? I hear the Riot Shield blocks out any bullets, but it replaces primary weapon. It also goes on your back when you are using your pistol/rocket launcher/shotgun. and NO it does not break :D. But you are vulnerable from the sides (?). When the Riot Shield gets riddled with bullets it makes it harder to see.


im having a clan (#nukeclear#)


Ive been looking around for people who are good at this game ,,, i really want to start a clan , My gamertag is exactly the same as my username 4 this site (PartyBoy679 ) but with out the parentheses

lol, when I see those people with riot shields, I just shoot the hands (yes, I mean the hands) and they go "aah" then their head pops out like in the image then BANG!!! dead... although, yeah, the riot shield is pretty pointless without not having to fire back. What I do to people with riot gear (other than shoot the hand) is sort of like a suicide bomber technique. No, I don't throw a grenade. I close in and plant a claymore in their faces *lols* then their heads pop out from being damaged and I pick off the stragglers. If their shields weren't facing the claymore... EPIC DESTRUCTION (plus flying people).

Best game ever!

 Its not the best game ever its aint that good

You know what I find funny?  That people JUST found about Eminem's song "Till I collapse" only because of MW2 having it on their soundtrack/commercial/whatever.

 nope i heared it from my bro then i saw the commercials it was pretty good commercial

They put a great song with a great game.
Sorry It can't go any smaller.

Yeah I know. You are going to get that a lot. Still get the point though.

 Desert eagle/ knife is really good against campers you need to get ninja  fisrt 
play on fefala or sumthing its brillliant ih ad 56kills and only 4 deaths

Do you have it for 360? I'm getting Live soon, so maybe we'll run into each other online.

LOL I love the Thumper it is like N00btube on Steroids :D

Oh and shotgun with silencer is like WTF?

SPAS is like 2nd best shotgun cuz it SPASes out so much.

1887 is majorly glitched.

This is better than COD WAW because in COD WAW no Assault rifles and everyone is running around with PPSHs D:<

No Zombie mode wtf?

MW2 has night at the museum mode though :P


8 years ago

For me, it's gotta be:

Barret 50 cal. with FMJ
Striker/spas with grip

Sleight of hand PRO
Stopping power (dont really need pro)
Steady aim PRO

Flash bang


(I use this unless it's search and destroy, in which case I use a silenced SCAR-H with stopping power, scavenger pro and ninja pro)

I'm not a fan of Call of Duty games, but Modern Warfare is awesome. The only reason I have it though is because my brother bought it, and the only reason he hasn't really played it yet was because he was sick.

Also, does anyone else have a problem with their 360(if you have one of course) saying it can't read the disk? Mine does that, but after a few attempts, then it can read it perfectly, no lag. This is only with modern warfare by the way. Every other game works fine.

I'd rather play Halo with continues fire for how many seconds, and a three second reload, than,
Shoot (one bullet/missle)
Of course I'm over exaggerating

In the first CoD games, you would obviously wouldn't have all automatic weapons, you'd have single fire weapons, and reloading would take forever.
In Halo, most weapons were automatic, or had large magazines(or both) and would reload quickly. I liked Halo better because of this.

Kind of. It has a large magazine, and if you pulled the trigger fast, the shots came out fast. Also, reloading wouldn't take forever.

I don't think 18 rounds is that big.  And this is also coming from a maximum pool of 72 rounds.

I was relying off memory (which was wrong, of course) It's been awhile since I played Halo 3.

I didn't like the FAL that much. (I never really used the carbine either)

The halo carbine was semi-automatic, an 18 round mag (IMO inferior to its human counterpart, the BR), and a very fast reload.

Great game. Riot shields are pretty pointless when playing online, because people can just shoot your feet when your running or grenade you. When playing on small maps you will be getting shot at from at least 3 different directions. Any way, the scar seems to be the best all purpose assault rifle you can use it any where really. My personal favorites would be the ACR with holographic sight, fmj, slight of hand pro, stopping power pro, and the vector with holographic sight, silencer, stopping power pro and slight of hand pro. For secondary weapons id use the AA or the striker on small maps and the machine pistols for larger maps.Throwing knives are awesome.