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Modify Soleus JC-128 wine cooler to lower tempeture to about 20c / 40f? Answered

I would like to lower the temp. of my Soleus LC-128 wine cooler for other soft drinks. The factory settings range from 39f - 67f or 04c - 26c


39°C-67°C? That sounds more like a coffeemaker. And 40°F is exactly 40°C, so I'm not sure what you mean with your temperatures.

Most wine coolers I've seen use a thermoelectric cooler to cool the bottle, which is a little plate that moves heat energy from one side to the other when voltage is applied. In a wine cooler, it pulls heat energy out of the wine and disperses it into the room. To make the cold side colder, you can either:
1) Increase the power being put into the thermoelectric chip, which (I think) will increase the rate at which it moves heat, and consequently keep the cool side cooler. May not be a good idea, though, because the lowest temperature setting is the highest power setting, so if you add more power, you're essentially overclocking and may damage it.
2) Remove the heat faster by adding a fan.

Hi, Cam. -40F = -40C; 40C is about 102F, a great temperature for your bath.

Thanks, that was stupid of me. We were talking about 14.5-kilogram slugs in class today, and I'm all disillusioned about units.

Not bad (and only off by 0.1 kg)! Do your slugs also have frickin' lasers strapped to their heads?

Yeah, I was truncating instead of rounding. :P And the one I doodled on my notes might...

Your quoted temperatures don't make much sense. Once you know what you really meant, you should edit the title and the question text to have consistent values. Otherwise its going to be very hard for anyone to answer you.

40F is equivalent to 5C, a great temperature for soft drinks in a refrigerator.

20C is equivalent to 64F, a bit colder than room temperature.

39C is about 101F, a good temperature for a hot tub or water heater, but not for soft drinks.

67C is 139F, hot enough to induce second and third degree burns within a few seconds on contact.

If your wine cooler has a temperature range down to 39F, why not just use that for your soft drinks?