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Modify the ultrasonic range finder sensor - your opinion ??? Answered

Hi ... I would like to know your opinion about this ultrasonic range finder sensor. I bought this "JCB ultrasonic distance measurer". I bought it for it's ability to measure up to 18m.

I tried it ... and happy with the distance ... BUT ... a realised few issues (for me).

1. I think, it use 2 pulses to make the measurement. It's like ... Tuk - Tuk ... end then cca 1 sek is the result.
2. when I move ... it will NOT tell me the results ... probably, because of those 2 impulses - I think, the device is comparing those two TUK TUK ... and if there is a difference, it tells me ERROR.

How ever ... my question is ... if I would take out just the sensor, do you think, I could make it to run only with one TUK - to be faster ... and do you think, then I could make measurements while moving ??? (just to show me the actual distance ???)

I would like to make something like the arduino PING sensor ... but with greater distance.

EDIT : I forgot to mention, that I want to use it with Arduino ... I don't need the device to work on its own. I would just like to know, if the sensor on its own (taken out of this device) + arduino could measuring by movement and with the same distance (max 18m) ???

Looking forward to your opinions. Thank you.




8 years ago

Hi zholy, Have you encountered a way to interface this with Arduino?


8 years ago

Thank you for your opinions. I'll try my best ...

I doubt that you can modify it to be accurate if you move.  IT's listening for the return of the sound and if you move after your sound pulse then you're going to change the return.  I used something similar to this and I never was happy with the results.  You could never be sure where it was measuring to.

I now use a laser measure.  You place the laser beam where you want it and it tells you the distance with no guessing.

Oh ... I see, where I made a mistake again. I want to use it with arduino = I don't want that device, to work on its own. I just wanted to take the sensor out ... and make my DIY PING for the arduino.

Do you think, that would work ???

PS : Laser ones are to expensive for my budget. The lowest used ones are over 60 GBP ... and this was just for 8 inc shipping.

You might be able to make it work.  I don't know how accurately the arduino can measure that small a piece of time.  You'll have to write the software yourself and calibrate it accurately.

So...do you think, that the ability to reach 18 meters would remain ??? That was the main problem for me :) ...

That's not modification, that's starting from scratch. It looks like you need to hijack the high voltage driver for the transducer for a start.


As I realised, I didn't make my self clear (again) ... I wanted to take out just the sensor ... and create a new "thing" that would be like Arduino PING ... but with the ability to measure up to 18m.

Maybe I could ask as well like : where is the difference in this JCB sensor and the PING sensor.

Like I said, you'll have to hijack the sensor driver to do this, and since it uses a single transducer you'll have to be able to duplex the transducer. As I've said before, its not trivial to get decent range, its LESS trivial still to get good resolution.

To really hack a decent range system, I can't recommend the Senscomp (Polaroid) system more highly.

Thanks Lemonie ... I know both pages :) ... I wish I would know that much, like the guy, whom the page belongs (http://www.micro-examples.com). The living would be much easier :) :) :)

And as mention on all these replays ... I wanted to build something like that, by using this sensor - by the condition, that the distance would be still max 18m.