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Modifying my scooter for charging a battery? Answered

I have a Scooter and now i have added a battery within it. I charge the battery externally, but lately i have seen that the lights that i keep on in the night (halogens lights) tend to fade away after 30 min or so and gone. Now i want to charge the battery while on the move. I tried doing so through the coils that were in the scooter by adding a rectifier circuit it works but the head light goes dim, and this idea didn't work out for me.
But now i am planning to buy an external alternator and modify my scooter to charge the battery. Is it possible and if so what is the type of alternator i should use and the Amp ratings.
My battery is a lead Acid Battery.
Thanks in advance



Let me get this clear; you want to use the motion of an electric scooter to charge the battery of the same scooter?

Is there any way of doing this? Not fully charge it obviously, buut to give it a slightly longer life.

That's what the alternator does.

What about a solar panel? I don't know about that sort of thing, but is there a panel you could maybe attach to a trailer which would power the battery in trasit? or would it have to be too big, ergo too heavy?

No, this is not an electric scooter, It is a petrol engine 2 stroke AC 12V scooter and through the motion i want to charge the battery.

Does it not already have an alternator or magneto?

yes it does but it does not have a battery. I have added an extra 12V battery and i am having problemns charging the battery. The inbuilt magneto does not have the sufficient power to charge the battery.


7 years ago

I have 2 scooters. Both 4 cycle. 1 is a 50 cc and the other is a 300cc. Before I ride either bike, I fully charge the battery with a trickle charger. After 20 miles, I was having the same problem as you. Bike lights would grow dimmer and the battery would drain. I was coming home at 4am and the lights and the bike just died. Found out it was the stator. You got to open the bike up and see how many coils your bike's stator uses. Google on how to replace the stator. Most Chinese mfg bikes are the same build. Just do your homework before diving into this. BTW when I bought the 300cc, the previous owner tied in a LAWN TRACTOR battery with the scooter battery. The amps were too high and fried the stator. Good luck!

Can you give me some examples of efficient lighting. It should be really bright so that i can drive my scooter safely in the dark.
regenerative braking is not what i was looking for