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Modular Furniture Parts (or Legos for Adults) Answered

I've been considering building more flat pack furniture (I'm sick of moving around awkward cheap crap made of MDF or particle board) and I've been thinking of maybe making some kind of modular parts that could be configured in different ways to become different pieces of furniture. Does anyone know if such a thing already exists? Also one of my sketches involved building frames out of posts and cross pieces with some surfaces built from strips of wood suspended on metal rods. I was wondering about the feasibility of making something like that. I realize I'm sort of babbling here so I'm attaching an image from my sketches. Does this make any sense? What could these supports be made of? Originally I liked the idea of using metal for the contrast in materials, but I don't have a metal shop and I think getting them fabricated would be expensive. If anyone has any input, let me know. It would be cool to have an open source modular furniture system (well I think so).


What a great design. Looks really great.

I will tell this to my friends that are now having problem with their furniture parts and I'm sure they gonna love this. If you don't mind may we ask of complete detail of this please. Thanks in advance.

Happy New year from home furnitue family... :D

this is a really cool idea, and very original, at least I haven't heard of anything like it. what kind of furniture would one be able to create? sorry, its a little hard to interpret your sketch

That's a great idea, you should make it, then sell it, get rich, sell your idea to a company, be rich for life.

I think selling stuff is overrated. To me, creating something useful and sharing it is much better. Like open source software.

Never mind, I have to go right now, I'll talk to you on AIM in the morning. You better be on. :-)

Cool- I'v never seen anything like it. Great idea!