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Moles! Has anyone invented a mole catcher? or killer! device!!!? Answered

Tried everything from dogs, fumes, water, repellants, & traps but back they come. It's driving me insane!



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My wife used a pack of Juicy Fruit gum opened as shown with gloves
to avoid human smell and drop it down a mole hole.

Our moles ignored electric thrumpers, water hoses for a week,
human male urine even long plumbing snakes.
The moles neutralized spring traps laid in tunnels by packing them with
dirt and mud.

But the gum did the trick.  .  .  .  .   A

juicy fruit.jpg

Well urine might be a problem around 1/2 acre fence. Must drink a lot or recruit friends. The juicy fruit gums sounds promising, any idea why it worked. I will try it. Many thanks

Juicy Fruit gum is tasty to moles they do take it to their burroughs
because it disappears and I never found it buried elsewhere like the
mechanical traps.
We were told it actually gummes up their intestines and they die rather

A natural, biodegradable and safe way to keep them out is spraying your own urine around your property. Thus you will mark your territory. There are also humane traps that are safe for the animal. You could also hire an animal control specialist in your area. If you trap them yourself make sure to drop them far from your property and on the other side of a body of water like a lake or river.

Thanks for your advvice. I will try the urine solution, maybe organise a male drinking party and all the men can man the perimiter with 2 litres of ale and stand there urinating for a couple of hours. It may do the trick!! Any idea where I can obtain the "Humane Traps", I have never heard of them. Thanks again.

Thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately I have a weak bladder but could have a male party and get all the men to man the boundary, each with 2 litres of beer and maybe the moles will be baffled. It could be worth a try, Thanks again!

Loads of them in my local hardware store -

Flood the tunnels works t discourage.

Rumor has it that putting an open empty bottle in the run will discourage them because of the sound made when wind blows over them.

Pin wheels, over the run? in the ground? Is it any better than the electronic buzzers of which I have many but the moles even have the cheek to come up next to the detectors. Could try pinwheels as you suggest. Does it really works? Thank for your advice.

Just stick them in the mole-hills. The vibrations are supposed to annoy the moles into leaving (especially in denser soils).

Other hints I have found are:
  • Bury rotten meat in the tunnel.
  • Bury thorny stems (berberis and rose prunings) in the runs.
  • Bury rags soaked in creosote or Jeys fluid (technically illegal in the UK)
  • Sulphur smoke bombs

Ultrasonic deterrents work, but only if you use two or more, which is heavy on batteries.

Unfortunately (for the purposes of this conversation) I have never had moles in my garden, so I can't testify to the effectiveness of any of them.

How does the emplty bottle in the run (underground I assume) make a sound from the wind. Are they above ground. I have tried flooding the tunnels with no success. Thanks for your kind help

Neck just above the ground so the wind blows over it.

A kids pin wheel windmill stuck in the run does the same thing.

Pro mole catchers also put poisoned worms in the run.

First you need to understand how a mole lives. Moles like wet soil, its easier to dig in and the moisture brings out more worms for them to eat; so overwatering a lawn or garden is not advised (or an effective deterrent). A cat would be more helpful than a dog in this case, but the most advised solution would be trapping them. Figure out which holes are most active. You do this by stomping down the mound, and check back to see if its been dug through again, then place a trap directly at the entrance. Be advised that some states prohibit the use of traps for moles (check local/state laws). Aside from that, you should really look into plants etc that require less water, and simply make your yard less desirable (and a little dryer) than your neighbors.

Don't get too frustrated. Watch Caddyshack.... (They were fighting a gopher, but similar issue...)

It's a big garden, 1/2 Acre, tried cats, all mounds are active, not many plants in lawn. Garden dries out in 35 deg celcius, I have not yet tried traps but will do. Thanks for your advice.

Yes that's a big garden... Here's a link to a website that explains a method for trapping moles using an old coffee can. A similar method can be achieved using a 2 liter soda bottle. With the directions on the websites, you can either fill the containers with water (to drown the moles), or you can leave them empty to relocate the moles elsewhere...

Good Luck. Let us know what happens.

They are hunting the grubs in your lawn. Get rid of the grubs and the moles will leave. There are natural remedies (milky spore or nematodes, depending on the pest that is eating your turf) if you don't want to drench the earth in poison. Google [natural grub killer lawns] to find suppliers.

My dad would watch for a tunnel or hill to be moving and then stab the critter with a shovel (eww!) He also used commercial traps from the hardware store, but they have to be placed in the tunnel just right or it won't work.

My late cat was a good mole catcher in his day, but most are not.

We had a pair of huge crows that would catch, kill, and swallow a big mole whole at our old house, but that was highly unusual. I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

I would willingly stab them, but never see them. We found two dead in our pond during a heatwave. So far the pond has had most success. Cats are useless, but may try nematodes. We have worms galore, good for the soil but unfortunately also the moles. Thanks for your help