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Molotov Cocktails Answered

How explosive are molotov cocktails? How loud are they?


Molotov Cocktails are very, very explosive. Even a small Molotov's explosion is strong enough to take down whole skyscrapers. As a pyrotecnician,we all know that gasoline/kerosine is a HIGH EXPLOSIVE. Whats even more dangerous is the flying glass pecies which fly at bullet speeds all over the place.The can go as far as 2 miles.

TickyTACKY, I doubt you are a pyro, gasoline is NOT a high explosive, it's not even an explosive, it is just very flammable.It's a high energy component but it is not explosive (exept if you add some oxidiser such as ammounium nitrate) but molotovs can't even cuase an explosion strong enough to bring down a small house, it's more likely fire will bring it down.

Yes. Gasoline is not explosive. The fumes of gasoline are. The fumes of one cup of gasoline has the explosive power about the equivalent of one stick of dynamite.

Yup, it kinda works like flour or sawdust, if it is piled up, it won't explode, but if it is suspended in the air, it burns in an explosive fashion. BTW- Do you mean fumes that equal to 1 cup of liquid gasoline, or fumes emitating from one cup of liquid gasoline?

Gasoline, in liquid form, is not explosive under pressure.

The concept of a Molotov cocktail is that a glass jar, jug, or bottle filled with a flammable liquid is thrown at a solid object with a burning wick stuffed in the mouth. When it hits, the glass shatters, and the liquid runs out, and is instantly ignited by the wick. There generally isn't an explosion, just a lot of flames and broken glass.

Molotov cocktails are not explosives. They don't even explode. They just break and burn. Even firecrackers are louder. Molotovs suck.

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Ever smashed a bottle? Yup, about that loud. This is coming from experience, too.

As a thought exercise, define how explosive and loud your favorite firework is. And I mean something more than 'very', on a scale for example. The true answer to your question is to experiment and find out...