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Monopoly DIY Credit Card Bank? Answered

Ok, so we have the Monopoly electronic banking board game, we have everything the credit cards and board.  But we lost the credit card banking thing, we also do not have the receipt.  Is there any way we can do a DIY bank, even something over the computer.  I heard of Excel but, you would have to type in your money, the whole point of having credit cards is to make the money system faster than just handing out bills.  is there any ideas what we could do?


Use different calculators for each player. Just add and subtract.

You could use some sort of RFID system that corresponds to each player. I think though with the cost of an RFID reader and cards you could have paid for a new game so might not work. Not sure how the game works but it sounds like you will need to put in the numbers regardless anyways. Your idea with excel might work best, just program some nice algorithms to automatically calculate per player when you enter in the values.

Contact the manufacture about getting a replacment.

you still have to type in the numbers into the little calculator thing with the monopoly game.

I would either go on ebay and buy a replacement or just go make a simple game with excell

You could could use fake bank notes...