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Montana Rusa Recreation Answered

To start of I'm letting you all know that I'm back in Australia and building has started on my recreation of Montana (pronounced Montania) Rusa which is the best roller coaster in Vulqano park which is a theme park in Ecuador. Here are pictures from rcdb.com and aceonline.org. Please help me to get angles as close to the real thing as possible. So far I've done the Station, Lift, pre drop, drop, and the first air time hill. Tell me where I can Improve the shape of the track.
Also I've got pictures of my new set Sonic Blizzard, which is an equivalent of the Hornet swarm only that It has light up cars different coloured track and it is supported more then hornet swarm.
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8 years ago

that looks sick!

thanks! any tips on the shaping?

try make it go bak up a bit then like that side double loop on the other coaster you had...

I don't really get what you're saying.

Great! Have you managed to get a video camera yet?

I found out my dad has a vcr video camera but he's gonna try and convert it to the computer. Any tips about the shaping?

No, sorry I don't make rollercoasters because I don't have any rails, chains or the coaster itself. I have (unsuccesfully) made some ball machines though, but they are pretty different.

It seems to be pretty accurate. I'm not really sure.


8 years ago

Great work! The only thing I noticed is the pull in and the pull out of the first drop. I think it's too sharp.

Also what picture did you use to compare them.

no one. It seems that there are too much G's on that spot, so the real coaster couldn't have that.

Ok I'll try to fix that for the next update. thanks anyway.

I'll see what I can do about that. Let me know If you see anything else.