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Moral Dilemma Answered

I came up with an interesting moral dilemma (I think that's the right term for it) yesterday. I want to see what people think of it and what their response would be. It goes something like this:

Imagine that you are in a relationship (if you are already, you can use your current partner as an example). Things are going well, you're both happy, etc.. One day, the two of you come across a mysterious pair of rings in a local market. You ask the vendor about them and he tells you that they are magic rings. If you each put them on the other person's finger, you will become bound to each other and will not be able to remove the rings unless one of you dies. Should that happen, the surviving person if confronted with a decision: they can either continue to wear the ring, until they die, and be guaranteed to be bound to the other person for eternity, even in the afterlife, or they can remove the ring, thus breaking the bond. Should they choose to break the bond, they will never see the other person again, not even in the afterlife. He also tells you that, as long as you wear the ring, you will never be able to be in another relationship.

Knowing all this, if your partner were to die, which would you choose: Keep the ring and never be able to be in another relationship, but be guaranteed to see your partner again once you die, or remove the ring and be unable to see your partner again for all of eternity, even after you die?

Leave your response down below. If there's anything you don't understand, or need clarifying, just ask and I'll see if I can make it easier to understand.


It's only a dilemma if you believe in an afterlife, which I do not.

However, here's a twist, though - what if reincarnation is real? What if the results of such reincarnation are affected by "karma", and each partner has a different "destination", such as a fox and a rabbit, or a rabbit and a hare?

Both karma and reincarnation are fascinating topics, the only catch with both of them is that if you're reincarnated into something non-human, there's no way to ever be reincarnated as anything else, later down the track, since animals cannot do things that don't benefit themselves or their family-units in some way... And, also, the amount of good deeds you would have to do over the course of your life, in order to be reincarnated as a human, would be so incredibly huge that you would only ever be human once... a little off topic, I know, but just putting it out there.

The other thing is that, in this context, every context is purely hypothetical, therefore, there can be an afterlife within the dilemma, even if there isn't in reality.

Actually, those who believe in such things also believe that souls can be reincarnated into "higher" bodies - a mouse might be reincarnated as a cat if they make a really good job of living as a mouse - and thus, eventually, be reincarnated as a low caste human, then a higher caste, then eventually reaching Nirvana, which means their soul moves on to a higher plane of existence.

And then they write "Smells Like Teen Spirit?"

                          (purposeful misinterpretation)

I don't really think this is a moral dilemma but rather an emotional one.
If you are 80 and your loved one dies I can easily imagine you keep the bond. If you are 20 and your loved one dies you will probably keep the bond for quite a while but eventually you might give it up..

It is quite hard to consider what I would personally do in that situation. Right now I would like to think I would keep the bond, but anybody who has suffered heartbreak will tell you that you can love again so perhaps over the course of the years it becomes preferable to sever the bond and start again.

Your scenario sounds like an idealized version of marriage. People generally step into marriage thinking it will last forever but a look at the statistics show people marrying several times during their life.

Yeah. I only called it a moral dilemma because I couldn't think of a better way of putting it. You're right about it sounding like marriage, as well. I never actually intended for it to be like that, but, thinking back on it, it does very much seem that way.

Leave the past behind. Here and now are the only things that really matter, and tomorrow ain't happened yet.
People get tired of each other you know, eternity with the same partner? Not if it's a woman/man...