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More Alternative Merit Badges. Answered

showed us the Nerd Merit Badges a couple of years ago.

Now you can award a merit badge to your favourite over-achiever.

These twelve badges cost $10 each, or $114 for the set, so I doubt they'll be adorning many sleeves, but they're a great idea, and super inspiration for those who design their own digital patches.

Left-to-right, and top-to-bottom, they are...
  • Survival - getting out from behind the 8-ball
  • The Illusionist - for being good with your hands
  • Zen Stones - for living a life in balance
  • The Big Dipper - for dreaming big
  • The Sprout - for growing from adversity
  • The Hypnotist - for superior powers of persuasion
  • Voodoo Doll - for using your powers for good, not evil
  • Dopamine Molecule - for believing in love
  • Serotonin Molecule - for finding happiness
  • Inkblot - for facing your inner demons
  • Optimist - for always believing the glass is half full
  • Heart - for giving a s**t

Go, be inspired, be inspiring.


Freaking AWESOME!!!

I got one for "Byte Me!"


I want the "Working on the Darwin Award" patch.