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More Art Work Answered

Well just post anything you have drwn or painted, burned, carved, sculpted or anything else. Well here is my feeble attempt at GIMP for the first time. Please if you comment on someone's art, don't be harsh. It's called constructive criticism. This is supposed to be Leonidas from 300. I'm still working on it so please comment. I would say that the most noticeable thing it the pixelation of the head dress. I will go over it with the airbrush to smoothen it up.


How did you make that?

Yeah, but I cheated and traced every single line with the pencil tool. However, I did paint it all myself.

Wow that I traced all the line? That part took about two hours or two and a half hours.

wait, so you didnt just vectorize a pic of leonidus? impressive! allt he art forums need to be bunched together, theres like 3 now... or perhaps one for sculpting, one for flat craft and one for computer...

VERY impressive. Here's some of my stuff (if you care to see)


Ok here's what I have been painting for my sister. I still need to add some blue to the water...


You aren't the only one.....I think I have mistaken almost everything I have replied to tonight in one way or another, and if I didn't miss take it, I totally warped it beyond recognition LOL

Not getting enough sleep sure changes a lot of things, when I saw the topic "John Cleese's "Letter To America"" I thought it said "Join Cheese's Letter To America" I've been very tired lately.

Exactly ! I saw that one on Cloing Ethics and at first imagined it was about Clowning Ethics *shrug*

I thought it was about Clothing Ethics...

No, no problem. Really I would rather know if I have misspoken. This has been a very weird night for me to be sure. Half of my posts to people have been spelling corrections and apologies LOL

So about 3,250 posts of apologies and spelling corrections. That still leaves the other half open to EVERYTHING else. Wow, that's a lot of posts seriously. Oh and by the way, do you look at a lot of the instructables or are you on the forums most of the time?

I am normally on at work, so I am in the forums a lot. I do look over some of the instructables, when I am looking for something specific

The last picture I did:


It's the symbol that is displayed when someone gets stabbed in the back by a Spy on Team Fortress 2. Got bored, and decided to make a wallpaper with the symbol.