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More Awesome Fan Art Answered

A little while ago we received a series of letters in the mail. Not regular letters that are written on paper, but big letters like "R" and "T" and so son. Finally,the explanation was posted and we put it all together. Sadly, some of the letters never did make it to the office and we're a little short, but we really did appreciate the sentiment. It made us all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you.

Here are the much-belated pics of what we received.


Kiteman's S is enormous...I thought that we established size guidelines? :-P

I believe in the U.K. it's spelled and pronounced with an 'r' ;-> And not a nice thing to say about Kiteman -- we all get a bit spread out in our forties!

Meh, Kiteman's ancient, he's just pretending to be forty.

*Basks in knowledge that Kiteman is on the other side of a rather large ocean, and as such cannot strike me*

*realizes that I wouldn't mind getting smacked by Kiteman, it would still be an honor (honour) to meet him*

*win-win situation.*

All teachers are ancient, by definition.

WeThey are Oracles of wisdom and power, who give enlightenment with one hand, doom with the other.

Yes, I know we established size limits, but

a) that was after I started making
b) I got carried away
c) it wouldn't work so well as a small boomerang
d) I forgot anyway...

Regarding oracles:

I went into a B&V lesson yesterday (with my behaviour management hat on) and sat in for a few minutes. A pupil asked me what a dreidel was, so I told them.

Child to friend; "Wow, how did he know what that was?"
Friend to child; "That's Mr L, didn't you know that he knows everything?"

That's a precious reputation to have, especially when you pull up a kid for their behaviour - they have a tendency to own up to all sorts, because they think I already know.

(I didn't realise when I made it - hung up like that, it looks like a dollar sign...)

I'll quote from the Top Sekrut Forum, you were one of the first replies:

With the letter S, and restricted to 5 inches, I think I'll make it a throwing-ring type of thing (like, a circle with an S across it, sort of a circular superman logo), and I'll make a base with a slot in to hold it up.


Don't worry, we like you anyway!

Psst, the memory is the first thing to go....


9 years ago

You will receive some fan art in pm sometime today.Print it out.I could not mail it though.

:D Yay! Hope the others get there soon

"Nuctables" .... what could it mean?

Do it yourself projects from the Three Stooges? No, that would be "Nyuctables"...
Cephalopod DIY? "Nictables"...
How to make hazelnut butter? "Nuttables"...

It must mean something, the missing letters can't merely be random chance!

Succumbing to the influence of classic British comedy, I would say that the nuctables are where you kick somebody to quickly end a brawl.

Ah, Benny Hill. The height of comedic genius, unsurpassed until Adam Sandler :-(

Carry On...

Morecambe and Wise

Les Dawson

Oh, you like to see patterns in words, phrases, and numbers too? *chuckle*

Nah, I just like to play zero-sum games :-)

Ooo, does Chess count :-) I haven't had a chance to play in so long I have nearly forgotten the names of the pieces LOL

[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess_(musical) Chess] ... I know about Björn and Benny (oh, and Tim, of course), but who were the other pieces?

Hmm, not familiar with them, the only Björns I know are Mr. Borg and Mr. Berg.

Follow the link :-) Those are the B's from ABBA, who wrote the music; Tim Rice wrote the lyrics. Darn it, you broke the pun chain! We could have put it all together into a pun-chain bag :-(

I challenge all comers to game of online chess against the worst player in the world. :P

I have already played two people simultaneously (normally I win against the one and lose to the other) ;-)

Ack, and I had an ABBA album (at one time) too. Oh well, memory is one of the first to go I suppose. Well, sooorrrrry but a chain has only the strength of it's weakest link ;-) Besides I gave up chain smoking long before I gave up smoking cigarettes since they were so hard to keep lit.

Nucamentaceous is an excellent word...So it'd mean, errr. Like a nut either in structure or in being indehiscent; bearing one-seeded nutlike fruits.

Ah! "DIY projects for nuts." There you have it. Thanks, jackalope!

Could some of the missing letters be either #1: at the old address stuck somewhere odd by an uncaring postman or #2: stuck in a post office somewhere in a dead mail bin?

Oh good, it made it there in one piece!

W'burg, use more foam if we ever do this again...

I packed it pretty well with those air bags they make now...my guess is that someone dropped it. It was insured...

Yay! Congratz all in on this... *feels dapper about being able to keep the secret*

I agree, the three desert members should have a go at re-creating them, then sending them to the correct address...

*glares at bumpus*

Great to see them all lined up though! if slightly incomplete.


9 years ago

Yes, it would have been nice to have them all there, however, I may make another I for it.. Killerj's charred S hasn't arrived either..

I think I might need to make a new T...

If I don't get the letter back and neither do they I'll send the earlier one, it's a bit overcooked though, the wires were glowing white under the heat but I didn't notice until I stopped...

No sign of the other S then... Shall I send the prototype? The main difference is a bit more charring...

Well, another reason for publishing the ible before they all got there, seeing as the others may not ever get there, is that any of the missing letters should be reproducible if the instructions were clear enough :-) It is the thought that counts though, right? :-) psst, mine, the wooden letter t is double sided, the "Robot - T" is on the other side ;-)