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More Cardboard Halo Weapons Answered

Here are my other Halo weapons, made from cardboard and elmers/hot glue.
I have an instructable coming soon but if anybody is really interested, here's the basic way of making these. Start out with the thickest cardboard you can find. Foam core board will also work. Cut out the basic shape with scissors or a pocketknife, retrace it, glue it together, and add details like blades, sights, and barrels. see the originals https://www.instructables.com/community/Cardboard-Halo-Weapons/?comments=all


if your the halo kid, then awesome cuz i love halo and i build the weopons, and i also build ironman suits, and cant wait for halo 4!

hey r u the same kid off youtube who made all the halo guns and stuff? ur Plasma Pistol and M6D Magnum look the same. just wondering. btw nice job =)

Once again, very good craft skills. I really think this should be I'bleized.