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(More) Fictitious Planet Details. Answered

          You may have seen my last question (I'm not counting on it), but if you haven't, I should tell you that I am creating a planet that can support life. I am creating an insect-like creature that flies and swims via silent propulsion.

Could an animal develop a method of that propulsion? I am thinking of a couple of methods in particular.

It could be MHD- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetohydrodynamic_drive
It could be like the Dyson fan-http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/gadgets/home/dyson-bladeless-fan.htm

 I have added my sketch and a scale of the animals, as well as additional information about their behavior. I may have some terms wrong (Like hive-mind), so if I do, please .tell me so I can correct that.


If it's fiction you can do anything.
I don't understand why you're asking the question.
Machines and animals work differently, but this is fiction, so where's the problem?


I'm thinking more of science fiction. I want the creatures and geography to be more-or-less plausible.

The ideas you have don't sound plausible. But, research electric-eels, you might construct an electromagnetic thing from there.


Thanks for help with the propulsion idea!

With your other thing though (I'm assuming you are saying that the camouflage wouldn't work), I am thinking that the shaigauk will have complex pigment cells in them, and are able to flatten themselves out, hooking onto one another.

Since their behaviors are so well organized, each one has a specific job in the camouflage process (Some are "wired" to be in a specific place). There are also special "marker" shaigauk with which the others triangulate their specific position off of.

The shaigauk are very intelligent creatures, and can base their colony shape based on the specific situation (e.g. they know that if a carnivore is pursuing them, they should disguise as a plant).

Many animals use a kind of jet propulsion to move think squid and octopus.

There is a beetle that mixes peroxide to make an explosion in its rear end. I forget it's name.

Wheels in general haven't been invented by evolution above bacteria level - Whip tails act as a screw propeller.

Hydrogen filled membranes seem like a good idea, kind of an air jelly fish

I kind of like the idea of an extra terrestrial that can teleport over a few inches.

Thank you for your input!

I also like your idea of air jellyfish. I think that they will be on another, smaller planet (about the size of the moon) along with other creatures.

Since you brought up the wheel, (I'm just speculating here) I think that on another planet, with different environments and conditions, wheels could very well develop.


6 years ago

Life sprouts to take advantage of some kind of resource or unexploited
ecological niche.  I know little of development  of hive-mind behavior except for chemical pheromones are the control medium and flight helps disperse the messages.

The Shaigauk must be able to gather energy from a vast finely dispersed micro nutrient not suitably dense to be attractive to other creatures.  Perhaps hive mind is needed when harvesting from a hugely (acre sized) innervated plant like animal that can retract at any disturbance except when the hive mind can mount a simultaneous grab before a retracting defense can work from its network.
Naturally the Shaigauk must move to new gathering grounds when an area becomes depleted easy for flying creatures. 
Though reproduction is a risky and poorly understood  underwater activity  that occurs at random times when water is discovered by scouts.


Thanks for helping me get that behavior figured out!