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More Old Light Bulb Action! Answered

Instructables users have inspired others yet again. Using LinuxH4x0r's Light Bulb Greenhouse and the dual homemade responses to the $650 Light Bulb Lamp--by bumpus and CYNICALifornia--as a starting point, Treehugger has added to the list of ways to reuse old incandescent light bulbs. Plenty of options to both make something useful and help protect the environment at the same time.



Are those S&P; shakers? I forget who said this originally (bumpus?), but lightbulbs are SO the new Altoid tins.

It's true. They are more easily available than Altoids tins, as well :)

I've been saving up lightbulbs, but I can't seem to get enough for the candelabra I want to build.

lol. that MAY be fragile. plus, would it be wearable like in movies?

lol. and a good fire extinguisher. i nominate killerjackalop as beta tester.

Oh great... I'd complain or something but i just have to get used to these things...


10 years ago

I've got a project coming up dealing with bulbs....

I already use a commercial pair of them in my house :-)