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More Wallet Making Fun During Instructables "Furniture Moves" Answered

Over a recent "Furniture Move" that occurred at Instructables, I was left in a dilemna. No printer ink to print myself a "wallet making" project, I felt the desire to make an Upgraded Wallet Project in Full Color and Style.

Anyone wishing to make their own may download a PDF copy HERE.
(Maybe they'll host the file at Instructables).

The wallet is in denim, with the Instructables logo, and the inside money area is a red fabric. (see sample image).

Tell me what you think and ENJOY!



Thanks to some encouraging words, and a reference to Kiteman's Law.... I have published the Instructable to Hacking the Paper Wallet.


Anyone know the path to the pdf's? I downloaded them when this was appearing in place of the homepage. I'd rather use the correct path instead of linking to a 3rd party host (which I suppose I have to do with my finished pdf, unless someone can direct me in a way to submit it to the Instructables server).

Thanks. :D

As Kiteman said, you can upload your PDF file to the "image library" just like any other file. People have uploaded schematics, CAD files, Excel spreadsheets, you name it. There are a few file types (images and PDF mostly), which the I'bles server will recognize and preserve. The other kinds of files end up named "<something>.tmp", and the author has to tell users to save and rename them.

So when I upload them, do I have to worry about the server resizing them? I noticed that most images get "edited" down, and these are meant to be hi-res pdf's.

No, PDF files can't be "edited" the way images are.

In any event, the server does not modify your original files. Instead, re-sized and cropped copies are created for faster access (downloading a 32 MB image file to someone's computer, and expecting that computer to do the resizing to fit the image into a thumbnail, is very poor network etiquette).

If you click on the little [i] (for "information") icon in the corner of an image, you can get to the I'bles Web page with links to all the different sizes, including the original upload.

Thanks for clarifying. I didn't realize there was more info/options available through images. I've seen the little [i] but it didn't occur to me that it meant something. LOL

I don't know how to find the originals on a normal day, but you can upload your own documents as if they were images.

nice! you should turn this into a instructable,

Post a photo if you make it. As I said my printer is out of ink, so I couldn't even test my design out. :(